Dinggye County Attractions

Dinggye County is one of the four counties that comprise Qomolangma National Nature Preserve. Dinggye County is a wetland kingdom due to its abundant original wetland. There are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a wonderful trip.

  • Duobuzhacuo(多布扎错): it is the second largest lake in the Mount Qomolangma area. The swampland  which has been covered with green grass for half a year around the lake is the habitat of black-necked cranes. This wetland breeds flocks of birds such as bar-headed goose(斑头雁) and black-necked crane(黑颈鹤), so it’s also the famous bird paradise in Shigatse.
  • Colorful Desert(五彩沙漠): from the Zhongba County to the Payang Town, tourists can see sand dune which shows a colorful light in the sunshine on both sides of the road. The golden desert, the red mountain and some green vegetation make up an extraordinary view.