Gamba County Attractions

Shigatse Gamba County tour is one of the most attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists amazing views in Tibet. It couldn’t be better to travel to Gamba County in Tibet. The main attractions in Gamba County including Qudiannima Temple(曲典尼玛寺), Gamba Castle(岗巴古堡), Lamujiacuo(措姆加措), Naijiaqiemu Cave Temple(乃甲切木石窟寺) and Measured Stone Cave(量过洞). Visitors can have an extraordinary view in the Shigatse Gamba County.

Qudiannima Temple(曲典尼玛寺): about 40 kilometers from Gamba county, in the southwest of Himalaya mountain, it has a history of one thousand and two hundred years. 

Gamba Castle(岗巴古堡): built on the border of a rugged hill, in the cold war years, it was Gamba important military fortifications

Lamujiacuo(措姆加措): According to the legend, people can see their future when they pray to this lake. There is also a natural pasture near the lack, tourists can enjoy the rural scenery. 

Naijiaqiemu Cave Temple(乃甲切木石窟寺): as the second stone cave temples found in Tibet, its discovery expanded the distribution scope of Grottoes in China and enriched the content of Tibet grotto art. Tourists can enjoy the Buddhist murals in this temple.

Measured Stone Cave(量过洞): it has two meters long and  it's too narrow for one person to pass.