Snow Mountains in Shigatse

Plan your Shigatse Climbing and Hiking Tour? Top Snow Mountains in Shigatse lists the most famous Snow Mountains, mountains, hills and forest parks for camping, hiking, trekking and climbing adventure tours. Around Shigatse, there are numerous high Snow Mountains with hiking and climbing paths. Check the top 10 recommended Hiking and climbing Snow Mountains, The best hiking Hill Trails,The Top Mountain Forest Parks around Shigatse.

With an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, there are quite a few snow-capped mountains in Shigatse. Stretching across the southern part of Shigatse, the Himalayas are the world’s youngest and highest mountain range, with an average altitude of more than 6,000 meters. There are 5 peaks over 8,000 meters in Shigatse, namely Mount EverestLhotse peak(8,516 meters), Makalu peak(8,463 meters), Qowowuyag peak(8,201 meters) and Shisha Pangma peak(8,012 meters). Among them, Mount Everest, located on the border of Shigatse and Nepal, is the highest peak in the world, with the altitude of 8848.13 meters. In addition, there are also 14 peaks more than 7000 meters.