Rivers in Shigatse

There are more than 100 rivers in Shigatse. The Yarlung Zangbo River, the largest river in Tibet, originated from Jiema Yangzong Glacier, Zhongba County, Shigatse City. It flows from west to east through 10 counties, such as ZhongbaSagaGyirongNgamringLhatseSakyaXaitongmoinSamzhubzeNamlingRinbung, etc., with a length of 700 kilometers and a drainage area of more than 100,000 square kilometers within the territory. Nianchu River is another important river, originated in Kangmar County, flowing through Gyantse and Bailang, then entering the Yarlung Zangbo River. Others are Pengqu River(朋曲河), DogxungZangbo(多雄藏布), Zhongqu River(仲曲河), Ronghe River(绒河), Yeru River(叶如河), Kangbu River(康布河), Jilong River(吉隆河) and so on. Except for a few interior rivers, they belong to the Indian Ocean water system. The river water source is recharged by groundwater, Rain Water and ice and snow melt water, the water temperature is on the low side, the sediment content is small, and the water quality is good. The seasonal distribution of runoff is uneven and the variation of annual season is small.