Nyingchi Administrative Divisions

This part mainly introduces Nyingchi Administrative Divisions, which can help you better know Nyingchi in your Tibet Travel, and know places to visit and what to visit in Nyingchi. As of March 2015, Nyingchi has jurisdiction over 6 counties, which belonged to the former Nyingchi area and new-built Baiyi District. The People's Government of Nyingchi is located at No. 18 Guangfu Avenue, Baiyi District.

Nyingchi Administrative Map

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Division Area(sq.km) Population Seat of Government  Area Under Jurisdiction
Gongbo'gyamda County 11,650 27,532 Gongbo’gyamda Town Gongbo’gyamda Town(工布江达镇), Jinda Town(金达镇), Bahe Town(巴河镇), Cuogao Township(错高乡), Zhula Township(朱拉乡), Zhongsha Township(仲莎乡), Jiangda Township(江达乡), Niangpu Township(娘蒲乡), Jiaxing Township(加兴乡)
Mainling County 9,506.72 23,000(2013) Milin Town Milin Town(米林镇), Nanyi Township(南伊乡), Lilong Township(里龙乡), Wolong Town(卧龙镇), Zharao Township(扎绕乡), Paizhen Town(派镇), Qiangna Township(羌纳乡), Danniang Township(丹娘乡)
Mêdog County 34,000 13,786(2019) Metog Town Metog Town(墨脱镇), Gandain Township(甘登乡), Gyalhasa Township(加拉萨乡), Tamu Loba Ethnic Township(达木珞巴民族乡), Gedang Township(格当乡), Deshing Township(德兴乡), Bepung Township(背崩乡), Phomshen Township(旁辛乡)
Bomê County 16,578 31,000 Zhamu Town Zhamu Town(扎木镇), Qingduo Town(倾多镇), Songzong Town(松宗镇), Guxiang Township(古乡), Xumu Township(许木乡), Bagai Township(八盖乡), Yuren Township(玉仁乡), Duoji Township(多吉乡), Kangyu Township(康玉乡), Yupu Township(玉普乡), Yigong Township(易贡乡)
Zayü County 31,659 32.449(2017) Zayü Town Zayü Town(竹瓦根镇), Upper Dzayül Town(上察隅镇), Lower Dzayül Town(下察隅镇), Goyü Township(古玉乡), Cawarong Township(察瓦龙乡), Golag Township(古拉乡)
Nang County 4,186 15.037 Nang Town Nang Town(朗镇), Zhongda Town(仲达镇), Dongga Town(洞嘎镇), Jindong Township(金东乡), Laduo Township(拉多乡), Dengmu Township(登木乡)
Bayi District 10,238 67,000(2013) Shuangyong Road Subdistrict Shuangyong Road Subdistrict(双拥路街道), Bayi Subdistrict(八一街道), Nyingchi Town(林芝镇), Lulang Town(鲁朗镇), Bêba Town(百巴镇), Puqu Township(布久乡), Mainri Township(米瑞乡), Güncang Monba Ethnic Township(更章门巴民族乡)