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Nyingchi Shopping Guide provides you with some information about local specialties to buy such as Nang County thin-shell walnut, Bome yellow fungus, Bome gastrodia elata, wild auricularia auricula, Nyingchi red skin peanuts and the like. Nyingchi is a place that many people yearn for, and some people may only come here once or twice in their whole lives. Therefore, in addition to taking beautiful photos and tasting authentic Tibetan food, most people will buy some souvenirs when they leave.

What to Buy in Nyingchi

Religious Objects

Tibet has a long history of Buddhism. In Tibet, many people's lives are dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism. Religious customs are part of everyday life, from chanting mantras and prostrating in a local square to walking the "kora(转山)’ around a temple or sacred site. Therefore, religious objects are essential.

Tibetan Incense Sticks

In Nyingchi, even the entire Tibet, incense plays an inseparable role in people's daily lives, especially, the people who are dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism. Widely used for relaxation, meditation and the cleansing of the home environment, it has an aroma that often helps to calm and soothe restless minds. Incense is also widely used in Buddhist temples and monasteries, and people will burn incense in the temples while worshiping Buddha.

Tibetan Thangka Paintings

For people who want to visit Nyingchi and are interested in Nyingchi culture, they shall visit the monateries and temples to enjoy the gorgeous and educational Tibetan Thangka Painting. In general, the Thanka is painted by hand on silk or cotton. These bright, colorful paintings usually depict a Buddhist deity or other religious scene. Of course, the Tibetan Thanka Paintings can be the beautiful decorations.

Tibetan Prayer Wheels

The most common form of prayer wheels are hand prayer wheels, which consist of a metal cylinder and a handle which also serves as axis around which the cylinder can revolve, being set in motion by a small weight which is attached to it by a string or chain. The cylinder contains a paper roll on which Buddhist texts are printed. Apart from hand prayer wheels, there are large size fixed prayer wheels, which are often aligned around Buddhist shrines and are set in motion by pilgrims who circum-ambulate the building in a clockwise direction.

Among the best known religious souvenirs which you can carry back to your land from Nyingchi are the Tibetan Incense sticks, the Tibetan Thangka Paintings, the Tibetan prayer wheels, Tibetan Buddhas and the prayer flags.

Tibet Crafts

These traditional crafts are made from a variety of things including precious metals, natural materials and so on. Silver and copper are precious metals and natural materials are bamboo, wood and even bones. Tibetan handicrafts are very popular in the whole world. The crafts include Tibetan rugsmasksdaggers and conch shell trumpets and carpets and textiles.

Monpa wooden bowl

The Monpa wooden bowl is a well-known and exquisite handicraft. It is made of hardwood roots or tree burl. The wood is fine and hard, and the pattern is beautiful. It has a special flavor for drinking butter tea and wine. The Monpa wooden bowl is not deformed, split, is durable and easy to carry, and is very popular among Tibetans. In particular, wooden bowls made of cypress, birch root nodules also have anti-toxin functions.

Monpa bamboo weaving

The Monpa people live in the areas where there are many bamboos and the weaving industry in the Davang area is relatively developed. The bamboo product is best known for its stuff called “Bangqiong”. Bangqiong needs hundreds of fine weaves in red, yellow, blue, black and other colors. The pattern is a fine and varied geometric pattern, very beautiful.

Loba Stone Pot

It is made of saponite under the Mount Namjagbarwa. The saponite is soft and can withstand the high temperature  of 2,000℃. Although the heat transfer of this stone pot is slow, the heat dissipation is slow, but the food is very delicious. The production of stone pots is quite difficult, so the price is very high.

Tibetan Medicines

Except for handicrafts and the other religious souvenirs, the medicines are also important things to test your shopping experience in Tibet. The Tibetan medicines are totally herbal but they work very fast unlike the modern day medicines. The Tibetan medicines like Saffron, aweto and snow lotus are the popular medicinal herbs that they use for curative purposes.

More about Traditional Tibetan Medicine

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Where to Buy in Nyingchi

Handicrafts and various raw materials in the counties around Bayi Town also flowed through Bayi Town to the whole country. The forest is beautiful and the mountains are verdant around Bayi Town, the forest is beautiful and the mountains and waters are very bright. The mountains around Bayi Town is full of pine mushrooms, which are important sources of delicious food and income of the residents of Bayi Town. Nang County thin-shell walnut, Bome yellow fungus, Bome gastrodia elata, wild auricularia auricula, Nyingchi red skin peanuts are good local products. And those things can be brought in Bayi Town.

Popular Local Products Stores in Nyingchi

  • Milin Plateau Tibetan Family Local Products Store(米林高原藏家土特产专卖店)
    Add: South Section of Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区广州大道南段)
    Tel: 13989949355
  • Shenqi Zhilv Local Products Store(神奇芝旅土特产店)
    Add: Neaarby No. 13 Nyingchi East Road(尼池东路13号附近)
    Tel: 18523180210
  • Plateau Local Products Store(高原土特产专卖)
    Add: No. 187 Hong Kong Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区香港路187)
    Tel: (0894)5885990

Supermarkets in Nyingchi

  • Baiyi Supermarket(百益超市)
    Add: No. B2 Gongbu Old Street, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区工布老街B2号)
    Tel: 13989089821
  • Jiarui Supermarket(嘉瑞超市)
    Add: Northeast 100 meters of the Interjection of Ziqiang Road and Yingbin Avenue, Bayi District, Nyingchi City(林芝市巴宜区自强路与迎宾大道交叉口东北100米)
    Tel: (0894)5884588
  • Meidelong Shopping Center(麦德隆购物中心)
    Add: Deji Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区德吉路)
    Tel: (0894)5664661
  • Wangjiale Shopping Center(万家乐购物中心)
    Add: No. 42 Guangfu Avenue, Bayi District, Nyingchi City(林芝市巴宜区广福大道42号)
    Tel: (0894)5833567

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