Tingri County Festivals and Activities

Tingri County belongs to Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region, located in the east longitude 86 ° 20 '~ 7 ° 70', latitude between 27 ° 80 '~ 29 ° 10', which lies in the middle of the northern foot of Himalayas. Most of the Tibetan traditional festivals on the Tibetan plateaus are deeply influenced by Buddhism or rich ancestral culture. Festival is the best way to experience the diverse culture and tradition of the local and their ethnic affinity. As as a base for climbers preparing to climb the Himalayas, Dingri also holds the Qomolangma Hiking Festival and Qomolangma Cultural Tourism Festival.

Major Festivals in Tingri County

Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is the Tibetan people's traditional festival, and the most solemn festival. Shigatse not only celebrates the Farmers' Year on December 1 in Tibetan Calendar, but also the Tibetan New Year on January 1 in Tibetan calendar. 

Siyang Festival

During the Siyang Festival, Tibetans hold various activities including horse racing, banquet, singing and dancing, and so forth, to express their wish for good harvest. The Siyang Festival comes every year before the planting season of highland barley. 

Qomolangma Hiking Festival

Themed “walk across the Himalayas, enjoy sports tourism”, the Qomolangma hiking festival is held in Mt. Qomolangma Scenic Spot of Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region.  The trekking line lies in Karma Valley, the east slope of Mt. Qomolangma and the most classical hiking lines.

Qomolangma Cultural Tourism Festival

There are a series of interesting, interactive, and artistic events about cultural tourism that revolve around Shigatse's culture and history. At the opening ceremony, people will be able to appreciate traditional ethnic Tibetan fine arts as well as special song and dance performances. 

Major Activities in Tingri County

Folk song and Dance

Tingri people are good at singing and dancing. They will sing and dance no matter where and what occasions, as long as friends and family together, such as harvest, playing field, repair drainage, housing, etc., we can hear young men and women singing, and the old lady together with young children kick hand, dance and sing. Tingri people has created a rich lyrics content in the study and transmission of ancient culture along with various dance and unique way of singing such as  "La Dui Luo harmonic", "A harmonic", "Tibetan Opera" and other traditional dance.

Luo Harmonic

"Luo harmonic " means the southern song and dance, which is inherent in the traditional dance in Tingri County. Although the entire Himalayan mountain has changed a lot after thousands of years of wind and rain, but Tingri "Luo harmonic " has always maintained the original ecological style of art. "Luo harmonic " , its unique local characteristics and different forms of artistic expression, thus "Luo harmonic " is different from today's Angren County in terms of tunes, lyrics, musical instruments and other aspects. "Qiang harmonic" and Lazi (the representative of the "heap harmonic" ) get consistent development in the peak of the peak - Mount Everest, which becomes a blooming rhododendron of the world's intangible cultural heritage treasure house.

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