Tingri County Overview

Tingri County or Dhringgri County is a county of Shigatse in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and one of the four counties that comprise the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve (Tingri, Dinjie, Nyalam, and Kyirong). With Scenic spots and historic sites, there lies in 4 peaks of over 8000 meters like Mountain Qomolangma and Cho Oyu. Almost without manmade ruin, particular land and climate features make wild fauna and flora of Tingri County completely preserved, which paints such a grand picture of nature. Besides the summit and forested landscape, there are also other distinctive scenic places like Cangda Hot Spring.

Basic Information of Tingri County

● Chinese Name: 定日县

● Population: 62,000(in 2013)

● Area: 14,000 square kilometers

● Zip code: 858200

● Dialing code: (+86) 0892

Average Altitude: 5000 meters

● Location: Located in the southwest of Tibet, Tingri County stands in the foot of the mid-part of the Himalayan Mountains. The present county administration is located at Shelkar, about 87 km east of Tingri (town). 


Tingri County is the semi-arid monsoon climate zone of plateau temperature, so it is typical of big difference temperature between day and night, driness and low annual precipitation. Moreover, with long sunshine duration, the annual sunshine duration on average is up to almost 3393 hours, which takes 77% in a year. Strong ultraviolet radiation of plateau results in the low temperature, 2.8~3.9 degrees centigrade on the annual average.


Tingri County is blessed with several splendid scenic spots and historic sites, mountains like Mountain Qomolangma and Cho Oyu, totally natural forested landscape, and other distinctive places of interests like Rongbuk Monastery. Anyone who comes here will be thrilled since it is like a wonderland you have never been.


There lies in 4 peaks of over 8000 meters like Mountain Qomolangma and Cho Oyu.

Mount Qomolangma: As the highest peak in the world, Qomolangma stands at the altitude of 8844.43 meters (2005). Such a crystal and grand world has been inspiring numerous mountaineering enthusiasts to dream of conquering it.

Cho Oyu: Standing in the mid-part of the Himalayan Mountains, Cho Oyu directly lies 100 kilometers far from Mount Qomolangma. North in Tingri County and South in Nepal, with the 8201-meters altitude, it is the sixth peak all over the world.  


Two forested scenic spots——Rongxar and Karma scenic area shows the masterpiece of nature, a perfect gathering of wild fauna and flora.

Rongxar Scenic Area: Deep and lush valley, clear and fast-flowing river, pouring-down waterfall and primitive cottage decorate the flowers, grasses, ground and beasts well, rolling the landform, rivers, humanity and ecological landscape into one.

Karma Scenic Area: In the Valley of Gama Zangbo River, combined with Makalu, Mount Qomolangma and part of Lhotse, it forms the ecological scenic spots of adventure, whose center is the forests.

Others Attractions

Tangri County has not only mountains and forests, but also other distinctive scenic places so you will never get tired of enjoying it.

Ganggazhen Scenic Area: With 4340-meters altitude there, most landscapes of the Himalayan like a gorgeous painting jumps into our sights.

Changsuo Dune Scenic Area: 40 kilometers far from the southeastern Tangri County, natural sand dune is an essential part of tourism varieties in Mount Qomolangma Conservation Area, a highlight full of attraction.

Cangda Hot Spring: There continuously flows hot spring. Pleasant temperature recovers people who experience it from fatigue and keep them healthy by bathing. If you spend overnight, what amazes you most would be the smile of Mountain Qomolangma and Cho Oyu in the early morning.

Xiegeer Town: As the largest town in Mount Everest Reserve, it has a long history of more than 700 years. The old castle in the top of the Mountain was built in thirteenth Century, Wen dynasty. And Songde Temple on the mountainside was built in 1645. There have been dozens of temple halls, enshrining the gold statues of Buddha and collecting thousands of ancient records of Buddhist.

Rongbuk Monastery: Located in the foot of Mount Qomolangma, 5010 meters above sea level, it is known as the world's highest temple. As a Tibet temple of Nyingma, the Monastery has its local feature of living both monks and nuns. Facing the Rongbuk Glacier of Mount Qomolangma far away, it is the only way of setting to Mount Qomolangma. Such a wonderful place for tourists is characterized by the Tibetan nationality, proving the harmony and unity between natural wonders and the ancient civilization.


In Tingri County, there are Han, Tibetan and Uighur peoples. Natural beauties there also endow people of Tingri County with colorful folk arts and crafts, songs and dances.

Folk Arts and Crafts

Tingri County’s handicrafts are a variety of products of wool, pottery, silver, gold, bamboo products and so on, what is famous is gold and silver ornaments like silver bowls, Tibet bandore, wooden bowls, aprons and waist buckles. With simple and rough process and single variety, all the crafts are made for using for one’s own family or presenting to relatives and friends as gifts. But bamboo products and waist buckles just have a very small amount of exchanges in county and township.

Folk Songs and Dances

When learning and inheriting ancient Zhang Zhung culture, a kind of ancient civilization in Tibet, meanwhile, Tingri people also creat peculiar Tibetan traditional dances full of rich lyrics, diverse and unique steps, and special singing style.

Local people are all good at dancing and singing. As soon as a festival comes, wherever they are, people will get together, sing and dance hand in hand no matter how old they are. Barley wine is also the thing that cannot lose at that time. Enjoying barley wine, singing and dancing, none is dispensible.


The special local product of Tingri County is a dish——Cordyceps Chilcken(虫草鸡块). Just as its name implies, the dish has the precious medicine, cordyceps sinensis(also called winterworm summerherb). Combined with chicken and cordyceps, the dish has the costful value of nutrition.


You can choose either car-rental traveling or take public transportation. According to your beginning place, there may be different ways to go to Tingri County. There are two main lines available below.

Lhasa- Shigatse- Tingri County

You can reach Lhasa by air or train. Then take a bus to Tingri County.

Shigatse- Tingri County

You can also take a specific train to Shigatse and take a bus to Tingri County.

Best Time to Visit Tingri County

Tingri County is always an ideal travel destination in the whole year. However, it has the most picturesque scenery in summer and autumn. If dreaming of exploring Mount Everest, you are highly recommended to travel from April to June because the severe cold weather from October to April is not suitable to climb mountains.

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