Tingri County Travel Tips

On the foot of Mount Everest, Tingri County connects Dinggye and Sakya County to the east, Lhatse County to the northeast and borders Nepal to the south. The average altitude of Tingri County is 5000 meters with a total area of 14000 square kilometers. The total population is 62000, among which Tibetan and Han nationalities are the main inhabitants. 

Useful Number

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120 
  • Area code: 0892
  • Weather Broadcast: 121 
  • Consumer Complaint: 12315
  • Local Phone Number Inquiries: 114
  • Tourist complaint Center: 0891-6833476
  • Long-distance Phone Number Inquiries: 113

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Post Office

Business Department of Tingri County Post Office(定日县邮政局营业部)

Add: No.8, Shanghai Road, Tingri County, Shigatse
Tel: 0892-8262317

Tingri County Post Office(Shelkar Town)

Add: Quxia Village, Shelkar Town, Tingri County, Shigatse
Tel: 0892-8262317

China Post Office(Everest Base Camp)

Add: Everest Base Camp, Tingri County, Shigatse


There are many banks providing service in Tingri County, mainly Agricultural Bank of China. Here are several of them.

Agricultural Bank of China

Add: No.6, Shelkar South Road, Tingri County

Add: No.4, Zhufeng North Road, Tingri County

Add: Tashi Dzom Township, Tingri County

Add: Gangga Town, Tingri County

Add: Kaimar Township, Tingri County

Time Difference

Beijing time is used in Lhasa. However, according to the time zone, the time of Lhasa is two hours later than Beijing. If calculated by longitude, the time of Lhasa is 100 minutes later than Beijing. So the time difference is also two hours late in Tingri County.

Tibet Travel Permit

Because of the special position of Tibet, foreign tourist should get Tibet Travel Permit before they go there. And Tibet Travel Permit is only issued by Chinese Tour Operators. In order to facilitate the complicated application process, working with a Chinese travel agency is recommended. A service fee of RMB 200 is usually required.

Best Time to Visit Tingri

May to October is the best time to visit Tingri because in this period, Tingri is warm and green with high oxygen content. From November to next April, the weather inTingri is cold and dry. Many scenic spots may not open to visit.

Altitude Sickness

Due to the high altitude, many tourist may feel sick and dizzy when they first come to Tibet. It’s recommended to take medicines to pretend from the altitude reaction before starting your trip. And the local drugstores in Lhasa sell medicines against altitude sickness. And please delay your trip to Tibet if you have a cold.


  • Please don’t hang flags in republic place.
  • When entering monasteries, please don’t show your arms and legs and wear hats and sunglasses.
  • Ask for permission before taking photos for Tibetan people.
  • Don’t touch Tibetan’s head and shoulder.
  • Don’t watch celestial burial without permission.

Dressing Tips

1. Keep warm and protect yourself from the harsh natural power is the prior thing to worry about. You are suggested to dress in layers (both thin and thick jackets). Down jacket is also recommended if you want to go to Mount Everest.

2. A pair of gloves, trekking shoes and clothes, and other trekking and camping gears are necessary for trekking up to Mount Everest. You should also bring rain gears if you travel in July and August.

3. You have to bring sunglasses, snow glasses, hats, lip balm, sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn as the ultraviolet light is quite strong.