Tingri County Accommodation

Tourists who go to Mt. Everest Base Camp usually stop at Tingri county for one night. The accommodation condition here is quite poor but basic. When looking for hotels in Tingri, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 30 USD. Unique local hotels in Tingri provide guests a unique and fresh feeling. A popular hotel in Tingri, Tingri Bebar Hotel is also one of the highest rated. Many tourists also stay at Chengdu Zhuangyuan Hotel. Here below are part of Tingri Hotels.

Name Add. Tel.
Tingri Bebar Hotel(白坝酒店) alongside G318, Bebar Township, Tingri 13908921895
Chengdu Zhuangyuan Hotel(成都庄园大酒店) alongside G318, Bebar Township, Tingri 13628923570
Tingri Qomolangma Hotel(珠峰大酒店) No.1, East Zhufeng Road, Tingri 0892-8262775
Tingri Everest Shanghai Hotel(上海大酒店) No.1, South Xuebao Road, Tingri 18889026007
Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse(绒布寺招待所) Rongbuk Monastery, Shigatse 0891-69749847
Tibetan Tent Guesthouse(藏式帐篷招待所) Everest Base Camp, Tingri /
Dingri Roof of the World Hotel(定日世界屋脊酒店) alongside G318, Bebar Township, Tingri 13518999995
Everest Snowleopard Hotel(珠峰雪豹客栈) No.1, China-Nepal Highway, Tingri 0892-8262771
Yingbin Hotel(迎宾馆) No.37, Zhufeng North Road, Tingri 0892-8926000
Junhao Hotel(君豪宾馆) near Bebar Post Office, Tingri 15082122541