Tingri County Transportation

Located 244km far from Shigatse, Tingri county is in southern Tibet, which is often used as a base for climbers preparing to climb the Himalayas. Tingri is about 60 kilometers northwest of mount Everest and just over 50 kilometers from the Nepalese border in China's Tibet autonomous region. From east to west, the county is 96 km long, 108km wide south to north. China-Indonesia Road and 318 National Road passing through the whole county. You can choose either car-rental traveling or take public transportation to Tingri county. According to your beginning place, there may be different ways to go to Tingri County. There are two main lines available below.

Lhasa- Shigatse- Tingri County

You can reach Lhasa by air or train. Then take a bus to Tingri County.

Shigatse- Tingri County

You can also take a specific train to Shigatse and take a bus to Tingri County.

However, if your destination is Mount Everest, renting a car from Lhasa is a better choice. It maybe difficult to rent a car at Tingri County and the fare is more expensive than that in Lhasa.