Xaitongmoin County Attractions

The meaning of Xaitongmoin is that when you see something you will be delighted. Located in the Northwest of Shigatse, Xaitongmoin is a county of Shigatse City which is 83 kilometers away from the municipal government of Shigatse. .It is bordering with Namling county in the east, Xainza county in the north, Ngamring county in the west, Sakya county and Lhatse county in the south.

Tashi Temple: the temple is established in 1445 and the total area of the temple is 1,200 square kilometers.

Takmo Lingka Monastery:A Sakya monastery, was founded here in 1436

Dratsang Monastery: Founded in the 15th century, it was a Nyingma or Sakya monastery. It also became a Gelug monastery in the 17th century.

Gonga Choding Monastery: A Nyingma monastery, was founded in 1500, and converted to Gelug in 1650.