Chagazhuode Monastery in Xaitongmoin County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 谢通门县查嘎卓德寺
English Name: Chagazhuode Monastery
Location: Located in Chaga Village(查嘎村), 14 kilometers northeast of Tibet Xigaze Xaitongmoin County
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

Chagazhuode Monastery is located in Chaga Village(查嘎村), 14 kilometers northeast of Tibet Xigaze Xaitongmoin County , with an elevation of 4300 meters; 500 meters from Puqu Village(普曲) in the east, 150 meters from Zequ Village(则曲) in the south, with a elegant scenery.

Chagazhuode Monastery, which is a Ningma Monastery(宁玛派古寺), was founded by Lamar Ga ma DanZeng(嘎玛旦增). Ga ma DanZeng (birth year unknown) was a villager of Xige Village(西格村), he first created Qiagui Monastery(恰轨寺) at Chongdui Township(重堆乡) in Xaitongmoin County, then created Chazhazhuo Yuegui Monastery(查嘎卓越轨寺) in Danapu Town(达那普乡), and finally created Duwu Monastery(都吾寺) in Chaga Village(查嘎村), at last died in Chagazhuode Monastery.
Later, the temple practiced the living Buddhas system(活佛转纪制度), inheriting three generations, and Ga ma DanZeng(嘎玛旦增) was regarded as the first living Buddha. The second living Buddha Awang Danzeng(阿旺旦增) (Date unknown), born in Danaren qinzi(达那仁钦孜), Xaitongmoin County; The third living Buddha, Jiangpei Yangquelangjie(江培·央却朗杰), was born in Danaren qinzi(达那仁钦孜), Xaitongmoin County. The third living Buddha has no reincarnation. The management of the Monastery was presided over by Wengze(翁则), until the Democratic Reform(民主改革) in 1959. The Monastery was destroyed during “the Great Cultural Revolution”. In 1985, it was restored by the local faithful people and was made up of the front porch and the main hall, covering an area of 52.3 square meters, with six pillars. There are six Lamas living in the Monastery.

Main Hall: main hall is the earliest building in the Monastery, with eight pillars. The gate opens to the east and west. Inside the hall there are Master Padmasambhava(莲花生) and Ga ma DanZeng(嘎玛旦增), Luo Qin Rennabazha (罗钦·仁那巴扎) clay statues, also placing 32 gold bronze statues about 0.2 meters high, such as, shakyamuni Buddha, avalokitesvara(观世音菩萨), and Dumu(度母) ; There is a collection of “Prajna Sutra”(《般若经》) and Ningma classic in the hall. The walls are painted with the content of Ningma priest and protector.

Lazhang(拉章): located at the north side of the hall. The door opens to the southeast, with an area of four pillars, three-level high, created by the second living Buddha. The first floor is the storehouse, the second and third are the living Buddha bedroom. The third floor has a shrine(护法神殿) of 6-armed Yiku God(六臂依怙神) on the north side.

Attraction Transportation:
We can take a shuttle bus from Shigatse to Xaitongmoin County, then transfer a local mini bus to Chagazhuode Monastery.

Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local custom in the monastery.
· 1-2 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.