Baili Monastery in Garze County, Garze

Baili Monastery (甘孜县生康乡白利寺) was built in 1662 AD. It is located in Shengkang Township, about 10 kilometers west of Garze County, at the mountainside on the north bank of Yalong River. It covers an area of 19,000 square meters. It belongs to Gelug pa of Tibetan Buddhism.

Baili Monastery Sitting facing south, is a typical Tibetan ancient building. The main temple is a second-floor attic type building with earth walls and mud roof. The temple has a courtyard of sutras, Maitreya Hall, Dharma Hall and so on. The Buddhist hall on the first floor is the main building in the temple, divided into the east and west hall and the main hall. The murals in the hall are well preserved. The west temple also has three 5 meters high with gold Buddha statues. The second and third floors are houses for living Buddhas and lamas, with a memorial hall for the fifth Geda Living Buddha.

On May 25,2006, Baili Temple was announced by the State Council of the National People’s Republic of China as the sixth batch of National key cultural relics protection units.