Kunlun Spring (Budongquan) of Kunlun Mountains, Qinghai

Chinese Name:昆仑山泉/不冻泉
English Name: Kunlun Spring (Budongquan) of Kunlun Mountains, Qinghai
Introduction to Kunlun Spring (昆仑山泉)

Budongquan Spring is located between Qumarlêb County and Zhidoi County of Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai.
Located in the north bank of Kunlun River, Kunlun Spring is the largest ice-free spring in Kunlun Mountains. The water temperature of Kunlun Spring keeps at 20 degree around the year. Around the spring, there is polygon pattern that made up of granite. A stream of clean water comes out from the side of the pool in the center, forming a beautiful glittering mushroom shape. The water spray sometimes looks like a blooming lotus, sometimes just silently falling in the pool. Whatever form she is, the beauty of Kunlun Spring always makes people feel amazed.

The water in the Kunlun Spring has obvious characteristics. It is very cool and sweet, containing a number of elements that are good for people’s health. The water is very crystal clear, and it just makes everything so much more pleasant. People treat this spring as the God spring water, thinking that it is the gift from the God.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway are both passing through Kunlun Mountain. People would like to stop Nachitai, the first station in Kunlun Mountain, for enjoying the Kunlun Spring and the vast mountain scenery.


Qinghai-Tibet Road, the north bank of Kunlun River, Qinghai Province, China

Main Sights

Kunlun River, Kunlun Spring

Travel Information

Admission: free 

Opening Hours: all day  


Both the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway pass by the Nachitai which is also the first station in Kunlun Mountain. Visitors can stop there just to enjoy the Kunlun Spring. 

Travel Tips 

There are two springs. The larger one is close to the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, with an Octagonal Pavilion around it.

Tour including Visiting Kunlun Spring

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