Lhasa Duoren Altar Site in Comai County, Lhoka (Shannan)

Chinese Name: 拉萨朵仁祭坛遗址
English Name: Lhasa Duoren Altar Site in Comai County, Lhoka
Location: Located in Comai County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Lhasa Duoren Altar Site

Lhasa Duoren Altar Site(拉萨朵仁祭坛遗址)is located about 5 kilometers east of the grassland of Chazha Township(查杂乡), Comai County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, which is really beautiful and surrounded with a rectangular shape with an altitude of 4500 meters. In the Tibetan language, Lasa Duoren(拉萨朵仁)means the divine stone, which was set personally by the ancient Tibetan king Sontzen Gampo(松赞干布). There is a small patch of cemetery beside Lhasa Duoren Altar Site which is believed to be the first Tubo Regime(吐蕃王朝)tombs according to the excavation research. Lhasa Duoren Altar Site and the cemetery has a close relationship.

Attraction Transportation

The whole county highway is in the middle of the road, formed the highway traffic network which centered with Tsedang Town, connecting the 12 counties of Lhoka Prefecture. It is the main transport hub of the south of Tibet. 

Attraction Travel Tips

  1. Traveling Hours: 1 to 2 hours
  2. Traveling Seasons: Spring and summer with the pleasant and lively weather. 
  3. High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content.
  4. Pay attention to prepare some necessities for the cold weather like the hat, gloves, scarf and thick winter coat and so on.
  5. Please try you best to respect the local folk customs, especially their religious belief and taboos when you traveling in Tibet.