Qulong Qiangzi Monastery in Lhatse County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 拉孜县曲龙强孜寺
English Name: Qulong Qiangzi Monastery
Location: Located at the top of the mountain in the west of Naga Village(那嘎村) in Pengcuolin Town(彭措林乡), Lhatse County, Shigatse
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

Qulong Qiangzi Monastery was first created by Jizun Gongga Zhuoque(吉尊贡嘎桌确) as Juenang Sect in 1507, later it was changed into Gelu Sect(格鲁派) by the fifth Dalai Lama in 1649. The monastery is located at the top of the mountain in the west of Naga Village(那嘎村) in Pengcuolin Town(彭措林乡), 4,600 meters above sea level, 90 kilometers away from the county seat, and the transportation is inconvenient. In the eastern part of the monastery, there is Gangren Buqin snow mountain(岗仁布钦山); in the western part there is the most famous celestial burial platform in Lhazê County, the King Kong Haimu Burial Platform(金刚亥姆天葬台).

Surroundings around the monastery are attractive, there are 108 springs at the back of the mountain, the mountain has 108 kinds of plants, at the foot of the mountain there is a hot spring, it is said that if the sick people slept around the springs over a night the infertility could be cured.

In addition to the main religious activities, such as, daily prayers, burning incense worshipping Buddha, there is other religious activities, once every 12 years of the year of the snake, if you revolve around the mountain that it can drive away evil, save the people, the poor.

Attraction Transportation: 
We can take a shuttle bus from Shigatse to Lhatse County, then transfer a local mini van to Qulong Qiangzi Monastery.
Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local customs in the monastery.
· 1 – 2 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.