Rupuchaka Hot Spring in Daocheng County, Garze

Rupuchaka Hot Spring in Daocheng County, Garze稻城县茹布查卡温泉

Well-known Rupuchaka Hot Spring is located at the north foot of Gompa Mountain which is 3 km southwest of Daocheng County. Now, let’s have a bath in that highland hot spring. Rupuchaka Hot Spring is named after the place. Rupu means “friend” and Chaka means “hot spring” in Tibetan. It is also called as “Chahe Hot Spring”. Rupuchaka Hot Spring is a famous boiling spring in Garze.

Water temperature at the exit is general 68°C and the highest temperature is up to 80°C. The water flow around the clock is up to 7,000 m3. It is clear, colorless, odorless and free from sulphur. It is also drinkable and has such efficacies as keeping fit, prolonging life, relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood circulation, regulating endocrine function and treating skin disease.

At present, tourist resorts with Khampa features have been built around the Rupuchaka Hot Spring. Now, visitors can have a good bath in the spring and enjoy sunshine while watching folk dances. Introduction of hot spring water into every household of Daocheng is convenient for local people’s life and production. This is the unique running spring water in Daocheng.