Saikagutuo Monastery in Lhozhag County, Lhoka (Shannan)

Chinese Name: 赛卡古托寺
English Name:  Saikagutuo Monastery
Location: Located in the south of Lhozhag County, Lhoka
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Saikagutuo Monastery in Lhozhag County, Lhoka

Saikagutuo Monastery is 50 kilometers away from Lhozhag County seat. Facing the east, it was surrounded by walls. This monastery was 98 meters and 48 meters wide. The major hall in Saikagutuo Monastery named Gawajiuni Hall(噶哇久尼) which has 28 meters high tower in its center. In 1080, Saikagutuo Monastery was found by famous Buddhist master Maerba(玛尔巴) and his disciples Milariba(米拉日巴). In twelfth Century, Saikagutuo Monastery has been maintenance. In sixteenth Century, Buddhist master Bawozu Lachenwa(巴握祖拉陈哇) built the Main Assembly Hall(), shag and wall. He also gilding the tower top. Saikagutuo Monastery has preserved Tibetan Buddhism murals which show stories and characters of Bka’-brgyud-pa. The buildings and cultural relics in this monastery have a great historical, cultural and artistic value.

Attraction Transportation: 

Saikagutuo Monastery is 50 kilometers away from Lhozhag County seat. The advanced traffic system provides visitors convenient ways to travel. Visitors can take long-distance bus or choose self-driving.

Attraction Tips: 
• Traveling Hours: 1 hour
• Traveling Seasons: All seasons
• High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content
• Bring a good, broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF factor and a high SPF lip sunscreen to protect your lips too. 
• Never climb or sit on Buddhist statues or stupas.
• Avoid touching the head of monks or nuns and show respect to a nun or monk or spiritual teacher.
• Remove your shoes and your hat when entering a shrine room or monastery.