Shannan Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Long-distance bus plays an important role in Shannan Transportation, which is most convenient transportation method to the nearby areas surrounding Shannan. Tsedang Town is about 160km to south Lhasa. There are long-distance buses running to Tsedang Town from Lhasa everyday. The road to Tsedang includes the Airport High Express and S101 National Highway, both in good condition. The whole journey cost nearly 2 hours. Most People from abroad have a deal with travel agencies that will provide a private car for you. Tsedang Bus Station has bus to GonggarGyacaLhunzeQonggyai and some other counties of Shannan area. The buses to Gyaca departs at 9:30 and 11:00, which takes about 7 hours to arrive and costs 80 yuan. 

Major Shannan Bus Stations

In Shannan, almost every county has a bus station and the main bus station is Shannan Bus Station.

Shannan Long-distance Bus Schedule

From-To Departure Time
Tsetang Town-Lhasa 8:00, 8:30, 9:30, 11:30, 15:00, 17:30. 18:30
Tsetang Town-Lhünzê County 9:00
Tsetang Town-Comai County 11:30
Tsetang Town-Qonggyai County 8:30
Tsetang Town-Gyaca County 8:30
Tsetang Town-Lhozhag County 8:00
Tsetang Town-Samye Monastery 8:30
Tsetang Town-Sanan Qulin Town 9:00

It is hard to list all the long-distance bus schedules from Shannan. If you want the information about the bus schedules to cities and places in and out of Shannan, please contact us.

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