Snow Mountains in Mount Everest

Plan your Mount Everest Climbing and Hiking Tour? Top Snow Mountains in Mount Everest lists the most famous Snow Mountains, mountains, hills and forest parks for camping, hiking, trekking and climbing adventure tours. Around Mount Everest, there are numerous high Snow Mountains with hiking and climbing paths. Check the top 10 recommended Hiking and climbing Snow Mountains, The best hiking Hill Trails,The Top Mountain Forest Parks around Mount Everest.

Mount Everest is in a huge pyramid-shaped, powerful and majestic, with extremely steep terrain and complex environment. The height of snow line is 5800-6200 meters in the north slope, 5500-6100 meters in the south slope. Within a range of 20 kilometers around it, there are numerous snow mountains, including more than 40 peaks above 7000 meters above sea level, among which the famous snow mountains near Mount Everest are Lhotse peak, Makalu peak, Changtse peak, Cho Oyu peak and Shishapangma peak, etc.