Top Winter Destinations in Tibet for Tibet Winter Tour

Tibet is a land of mystery and myth, and one of those myths is that Tibet is always mistakenly considered unbearably cold and off the list of winter destinations. While, the tourists who have been there in winter confirmedly think that winter is the best time to visit Tibet. There are several reasons that you shall travel Tibet in winter, such as

  • Tibet is not too cold to stay. In fact, Tibet is warmer than other northern places in China, such as Beijing. Especially, it is warmer during the daytime. The temperature rises quickly when the sun comes up.
  • In winter, Tibet has its own authentic look. Every winter (November to next March), there are more pilgrimages in Lhasa than in summer. The scene is spectacular and the sound is huge. Everyone reads the six-character mantra and makes the pilgrimage to the buddhas of the Barkhor Street
  • It is cost-effective to make a tour to Tibet in winter. For the entrance fee, transportation, accommodations are affordable in winter. All the prices in winter are cheaper than that in summer.

Where to Go for Tibet Winter Travel

Traveling to Tibet in the winter, Lhasa is regarded as the center and the the surrounded cities are best destinations for travel in winter.


Lhasa is the place that should not be missed in winter. It is recommended to stay here for two days in winter. On the first day, it is recommended to visit the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple. In winter, go to the palace in the morning when it is open. At this time, standing on the zigzag staircase of the Potala Palace, you can see the smoke rising from the aromatic plants for smoke of various places in Lhasa. Under the rising sun, the mountains in the distance are stacked, which has the unique features of Lhasa. On the second day, it is recommended to go to the Jokhang Temple and the museum. It is not necessary to go the Sera Monastery. The Drepung Monastery and the Sera Monastery are almost all Buddhism Temples, and the styles are not much different. If you have been to the Summer Palace in Beijing, it is necessary to go to the Norbulingka Palace.


Nyingchi is the one of the most beautiful places in winter. For the attractions in Nyingchi is the most tasteful place in winter. Red autumnal leaves are all the way to you, which make you fall in love here. What’s more,  the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Namche Barwa, and Rawok Lake are the most beautiful at this time. When you go, you will find that you are so small.


If you want to go to Shigatse, the Mount Everest must be your final destination. If not, you are not advised to go there. Since the beautiful attractions here are limited and Yamdrok Lake is not the most beautiful. However, Mount Everest is the most beautiful and the oxygen content in winter is 10% higher than that in summer.


Shannan is different from other places. This place has the same development time as other places, but it has been developing slowly and it is a good choice to go in winter. It is also close to Lhasa. You can go to the Beijiao Passenger Station at the Sichuan-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway Monuments by yourself. The ticket is 50 yuan. Of course, choosing a travel agency is also good. It is recommended to stay there for two day. In this way, you can visit the Samye Monastery, and the Tibetan king’s Tomb.