Tibet Mount Everest Travel Weather and Climate in June

Tibet Mount Everest Weather and Climate in June

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): 4
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 20
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 24

When you travel to Tibet while the rainy season may be starting elsewhere, at EBC is has barely damped things down yet, with only around 24 mm of rain for the whole month. Temperatures are warmer though, with highs of around 20 degrees, making the trip to the base camp very pleasurable.

What to Wear for a June Tibet Mount Everest Travel

Around Tibet Mount Everest, light winter clothes are still needed, and you could wear T-shirts in the sunshine, but we suggest that you cover up to avoid sunburn. The solar radiation is more intense the higher you go. Have a coat and gloves for higher mountains. Sunglasses and sun hats can protect you too.

Useful Travel Tips for your Tibet Mount Everest Travel in June

  • With such a varied climate around the year, travel to EBC is something that does require careful planning in terms of making sure that your packing is right for the time of year. 
  • There are some medications for altitude sickness available, but you should consult your own doctor before you take them, and it is not recommended.
  • Tibet Travel Permit: This permit is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and is required for all international travelers heading for Tibet. You need to apply for this permit one month prior to your arrival in Tibet as this permit takes some time to get ready and you need to produce the original copy of this permit at the Airport before you board the flight. 
  • Take a large backpack, a small bag and a waist bag is enough. Bigger backpack will be a wise option as it will be unable to keep clothes and will be easy to carry as the path is not that smooth to walk. The small bag will be usable to carry the things for daily use, such as hand towels, toiletries, etc., while the waist bag will be useful to carry some small and important things such as your passport and documents, cellphone, etc.
  • The highly recommended travel seasons of Mount Everest are from April to June, and September to December. 
  • April to July : These months can be very cold but it is generally dry and clear and all the routes are suitable for travel.
  • June is the start of the peak tourist season in Tibet, which means that prices are starting to rise. If summer is your preferred time to travel to Tibet, June is ideal, before the prices and the tourist numbers both increase dramatically.

Things to see and do at Tibet Mount Everest in June

Mt. Everest Base Camp (5,200 meters): It is best to visit before the monsoon begins in the middle of the month. There is still clear weather to see the peaks. The temperatures are above freezing at the camp with an average daily high temperature of 17 °C (63 °F) and an average nightly low of 5 °C (41 °F).

The government requires visitors to go as part of a tour, and a hiking permit is required that we can try to arrange for you or your group. Our private tours offer personalized and flexibility.

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