Tangula Luxury Train in Tibet

What is Tangula Luxury Train?

Compared with other trains from the major cities of mainland China, Tangula Luxury Trains operated by Tangula Railtours only have two routes. One is from Beijing to Lhasa, namely, the North Route, passing through the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The other is from Beijing to Lijiang in Yunnan Province, namely, the South Route, enjoying the Colorful Yunnan and Fantastic Guangxi.

When you choose the North Route, you will enjoy these places, such as, BeijingXining (Taer Monastery), Qinghai LakeDelinghaGolmud, Tibetan Plateau, Yuzhu Mountain, Tangula Pass, Cuona Lake, Lhasa. Visitors can enjoy the magical sceneries on the way, which make the visitors breathless. If you choose the other route, namely, the South Route, you will pass through these places, such as, Beijing, Guilin, Xingyi, Shilin, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang.

Tangula Luxury Trains will provide passengers with unique and unforgettable luxury travel experiences. The journeys will enable discerning travelers to immerse themselves in the stimulating landscapes and cultural traditions of China that were previously inaccessible to them.

Note: Each docking station will be fine-tuned according to the service arrangement and final line. If you have any problems, please be free to contact us.

Experience on Tangula Luxury Train

The journey on the Tangula Luxury Train finds a balance between expedition and modern elegance. Our guests can customize their itinerary according to their personal preferences: they can choose to participate in hiking adventure or participate in social activities in entertainment cabins or choose to enjoy alcohol and music in a comfortable private space and watch the scenery pass over the window.

Each trip from Beijing to Lhasa will take five days and four nights, which is about twice as long as the ordinary trains run by Chinese Railways. The extra time will be used to give passengers the opportunity to sleep while the train is stationary and to ensure that they do not miss some of the best landscapes. Timings will also allow for off-train excursions catering for a variety of interests. 

The elegant and modern interior of the Tangula Luxury Train exemplifies Chinese style and natural materials. The interior is decorated with beautiful window shade, soft leather, beautiful silk, moisturizing stone under an exotic atmosphere! Everything is so harmonious with the world outside the car. In order to obtain the widest angle of view, the windows on the entire train are enlarged by special design, maximizing the infinite scenery passing through the window.

The Tangula Luxury Train will set new standards for the comfort of train travel with its easy-going and gorgeous atmosphere, sophisticated technology and elegant pastimes.

Accommodation on Tangula Luxury Train in Tibet

Tangula Luxury Train’s private rooms are spacious and are characterized by a simple, modern design and the comfort of a five-star hotel. All rooms are available in single or twin beds. Each room has a bathroom and shower room, luxury linen bedding, special bath supplies, flat screen LCD TV, entertainment system, satellite network, mini bar and safe box. The subtle tones create a serenity in the interior, and the ever-changing beauty of the train is passing through the wide windows.

Dining and Rest 

Food is the feature of the Tangula Luxury Train, always insisting on the use of the freshest ingredients,  which let the customers have the best experience with the carefully prepared delicious dishes. The kitchen equipped onboard offers Western and Chinese local cuisine, with exquisite cuisine and a selection of fine wines, cocktails and soft drinks.

Brief Information about Tangula Luxury Train

The trains will be based at Beijing West maintenance depot where spare trains will be kept. There will be three departures every eight days. In summer, there will be two trips to Lhasa and one to Lijiang. In the winter there will be one departure for Lhasa and two for Lijiang.

Tangula trains carry a maximum of 96 guests, and feature six suite cabins on each side of two dining cabins and a scenic cabin. A suite cabin has just four private guest rooms – two passengers per room – and one for housekeeper. Security and the environment are Tangula priorities. Each train is secured with power-operated and locked external doors and has electronically controlled personal access to each suite. Tangula has a zero discharge policy – all waste will be collected and disposed of according to stringent regulations. Tangula trains reach a top speed of 160 kph (100 mph) with a reduced maximum speed of 100 kph (62 mph) over the permafrost sections of the Tibetan plateau.

Tips for Travel Tibet by Luxury Train

  • A Tibet Travel Permit is necessary for guests who visiting Tibet. If you have any problem about the Tibet Travel Permit, please contact us.
  • The train will pass through the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at the maximum altitude of 5,072 meters, guests shall consult a physician before travelling.
  • All guests must sign a health declaration form before travelling.
  • Dress Code: guests are advised to wear casual, comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for walking during off-train excursions. Contact us for special items you might want to pack for your destination and the time of year you are traveling.
  • Because of the nature of the Tangula Luxury Trains journey and experience, all passengers must be 16 years of age or older.
  • In order to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone on the train, it is forbidden to smoke on the train.