Chongba Yongcuo Lake in Gyangzê County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 冲巴雍措湖
English Name: Chongba Yongcuo Lake
Location: Located in Gyangzê County(甘孜县), Lhasa Prefecture(日喀则市), Tibet Autonomous Region, China
Admission Fee: Free 
Opening Hours: All day

About Chongba Yongcuo Lake

Any of various distance 53 km away from the county highway 204 15 km, it is south of Bhutan, Lake area of 11 square kilometers, the average altitude of 4570 meters above the water, the total area of 661 million square meters, Chong Yong measures as its name, this is a mosaic in the Green Dam on the “jade” like the beautiful high mountain lake “light years on Lin Lin, the South stands a high mountain snow is not reflected in the lake, Snow gleams white., the scenery is spectacular.

Main Attractions- Chongba Yongcuo Lake

Chongba Yongcuo has a beautiful natural landscape and extremely rich natural resources. There are patches of trees and azalea on the grass dam on the southeastern side of the lakeside. From June to August, full flowering azaleas off the dense woods and the blue water in the reflection of snow capped mountains, constitute a wonderful scenery, amazing endless.

Attraction Transportation

From there, it is 260 km to Lhasa in the east, while Gonggar Airport, the largest airport in Tibet, is 230 km away. Yadong, a small border town, is 215 km away in the south.

Get in

There are buses running from Xigatse and Lhasa (via Xigatse) to Gyantse on a regular basis. However, most people arrive by organised tours from the capital.

Get around

The county itself is quite small & most sights can be seen on foot. Taxis are available, but watch out for illegal taxies. Tibetan people are friendly, sometimes they invite you to ride with their horse carriages! Agree on a price first, otherwise it could be expensive. There is a small youth hostel close to the bus terminal, where they rent bicycles. The price was approximately ¥25 per day, which is equal to 3 euro. Sadly, condition of most bicycles were poor.

Attraction Travel Tips

1. Traveling Hours: 1~2 hours
2. Traveling Seasons: All year
3.  High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water and some thick clothes, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and so on.
4. Pay attention to respect the local customers.