Dajiaobo Peak in Nyemo County, Lhasa

Chinese Name: 尼木县达角博峰
English Name: Dajiaobo Peak
Location: Located in Nyemo County, Lhasa
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

About Dajiaobo Peak
Dajiaobo Peak is located at Padang Town(帕当乡) in Nyemo County, Lhasa. It is one of the 44 peaks that have been opened to outside in Tibet, with an elevation of 6112 meters.

It is silver binding in Winter. In the summer, there can grow wheat, highland barley, potatoes, rapeseed and other crops at foothills. There are yaks, dzo, sheep, goats, horses and other livestock on the pasture. There are wild animals, such as, Zhangzi, bear, shell-chicken, etc., also there are precious herbs, such as, cordyceps sinensis, fritillaria, coptis and snow lotus.

Attraction Transportation:
We can take a shuttle bus from Lhasa to Nyemo County, then transfer a local mini bus to Dajiaobo Peak.
Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local customs in Dajiaobo Peak.
· 5-6 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.