Darong Hot Spring in Zhongba County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 达荣温泉
English Name: Darong Hot Spring
Location: Located in Jila Township(吉拉乡) of Zhongba County(仲巴县), Shigatse
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

The geographical location of Dagrong Hot Spring is located in Jila Township(吉拉乡) of Zhongba County(仲巴县), which is a sacred place of Ben Sect(苯教) and is also one of the most complete ecological hot springs in Tibet. There are more than 100 hot springs, which form a spectacular hot spring group, among which the most famous one is the “six eye fountain(六眼喷泉)”, which has a rhythmic eruption of 4 to 5 meters. The upper head of the hot spring group is the boiling spring, the lower end is the hot spring, the foot and the riverbed are full of gold sand. The herbage here is dense, the wild animals such as sheep, antelope, black-necked cranes often visit here, the scenery is spectacular, it is a good place for tourists to relax and bathe.

Attraction Transportation:
We can take a shuttle bus from Shigatse to Zhongba County, then transfer a local mini bus to Darong Hot Spring.
Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local customs.
· 2 – 3 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.