Kulagangri Mountain in Lhozhag County, Lhoka (Shannan)

Chinese Name: 库拉岗日山
English Name: Kulagangri Mountain in Lhozhag County, Lhoka
Location: Located in Lhozhag County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Kulagangri Mountain

Kulagangri Mountain Ridge is standing on the main ridge line in the middle of the Himalayas which is at 7,538 meters above sea level, at 90 east longitude.6 degrees, north latitude 28.2 degrees. In Lhozhag County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, there are six peaks of more than 7,000 meters above the sea level. Far from sight, the peaks are standing side by side, like a barrier of ice at the top of the sky. The north and south sides of the ridge are the bedrock cliffs. There are four glaciers lying across the valley, and two of them are l0 kilometers long. There are spectacular ice towers, ice cliff, 1 ice wall and 1 ice steep slope on the glacier. Sometimes the frequent ice and snow slide will happen which is really thrilling and breathtaking.

Attraction Transportation

Up to 2012, Lhozhag County realized the rural highway access rate more than 90%.  The highway traffic system is perfect; visitors can choose self-driving tour in Lhozhag County. There are 247.6 km from Gonggar Airport to Lhozhag County. Tourist can travel to Lhozhag County by air firstly and then transfer to long-distance bus, which is the major choice. 

Attraction Travel Tips

  1. Traveling Hours: 1 to 2 days
  2. Traveling Seasons: June to August 
  3. High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content.
  4. Pay attention to prepare some necessities for the cold weather like the hat, gloves, scarf and thick winter coat and so on.
  5. Please try you best to respect the local folk customs, especially their religious belief and taboos when you traveling in Tibet.