Nyingchi Attractions

Top Nyingchi Attractions include Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, Mount Namjagbarwa, etc. Plan your Nyingchi Tour and visit the top attractions of Nyingchi. Nyingchi Attractions are abundant and are full of all kinds, including natural sceneries, human sceneries and villages where you can experience the rich ethnic culture. Because of its characteristic geographic location and diverse climate, Nyingchi attractions get its uniqueness in different ways. In spring, you can catch the sight that the delicate and charming peach flowers are in full blossom and the verdant plants all over the mountains and plains are about to sprout. It’s recommended to appreciate the spectacular Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon and Mount Namjagbarwa. Taking part in Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will bring you a lot of fun.

Top Attractions in Nyingchi

Nyingchi, a place with long history, is always a heaven for many people all over the world. Nyingchi is also a perfect destination for people who want to seek for antiquity, explore the fascinating natural sceneries. When you come to Nyingchi, the top attractions in Nyingchi are must-visit.

Waterfalls and Glaciers in Nyingchi

As a famous tourist attraction at the foot of Snow Mountains, Nyingchi attracts many tourists. Nyingchi has many waterfalls and glaciers. For people who love waterfalls and glaciers, Nyingchi is the best place to go. and you love waterfalls and glaciers.

Temples in Nyingchi

Nyingchi is known as the Little Jiangnan of Tibet. The sceneries are picturesque, which are different from other places of Tibet. Nyingchi's tourism features are inseparable from three things, Buddha statues, monkeys, and forests. In Tibetan culture, both Buddha statues and monkeys have a very important position. The temples are the best places to enjoy the Buddha statues.

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Lakes, Ponds and Rivers in Nyingchi

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Mountains in Nyingchi

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