Jieshan Daban Mountain Pass in Rutog County, Ngari

Chinese Name: 界山达坂
English Name: Jieshan Daban Mountain Pass in Rutog County, Ngari
Location: Located in Rutog County, Ngari, Tibet Autonomous Region
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Jieshan Daban Mountain Pass

Jieshan Daban Mountain Pass is one of the most famous mountain passes along the new Tibet highway. JieShan Daban is located in Ngari region. The words ” an altitude of 6700 m” is too scary for many people which it scares many people who dare not walk the new Tibet highway.In fact, the GPS measurements are 5,071 meters above sea level, and the altimeter is about 5,100 meters above sea level.

Why Daban Mountain has been changed a few? It is said that it is to measure the height in the early new Tibet highway.There is a certain possibility that there is no accurate topographic data before the PLA’s surveying and mapping forces entered the uninhabited area of the Qiangtang and Kunlun Mountains in the 1970. It has been  regarded as the main peak of the west Kunlun Mountains. In fact, the two peaks are 6,638 meters and 6,973 meters above sea level.

Another popular theory is that 6,700 meters is not the elevation of the mountain pass through the new Tibet highway. That’s not true.Because the elevation of the highlands on both sides of the mountain pass is 60 meters to 100 meters, the terrain is fairly flat.The highest peak nearby is 6292 meters above sea level. The nearest peak of 6,700 meters is the 71-kilometer southwest of the lake, which is 6678 meters above sea level.

Attraction Transportation

Tourist can travel to Lhasa by air or train firstly and then transfer to Rutog County by long-distance bus, which is the major choice. There is no need for you to worry about the transportation.

Attraction Travel Tips

  1. Traveling Hours: 2 to 3 hours
  2. Traveling Seasons: May and September.
  3. High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Better take some medicines for relief and keep warm all the time.
  4. As there is a large temperature gap between daytime and night, it is highly recommended to take along some pieces of thermal clothing, hat, and gloves and so on.
  5. Please try your best to respect the religious belief and local customs.
  6. As well as the Tibet Entry Permit, you also need to apply for Border Permit for traveling as this destination lies near the Chinese territory boundary.