Junba Village in Quxu County, Lhasa

Chinese Name: 俊巴村
English Name: Junba Village in Quxu County, Lhasa
Location: Junba Village in Quxu County, Lhasa
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

Junba village is located at Chabalang Village(茶巴朗村) of Qushui town(曲水镇), Qushui county(曲水县), south of the Lhasa river. It is about 50 kilometers from the capital city of Lhasa and 3 kilometers from Qushui county. The village is the only fishing village that has been fishing for a living in Tibet autonomous region.

Before the peaceful liberation of Tibet, due to the effect of feudal serfdom(封建农奴制度), coupled with the Tibetan people’s national religion, Tibetan Buddhism, and there is water cremation custom, therefore the fish is working as to worship their ancestors and gods, they don’t eat the fish in their lifetime. Due to the constraints of geographical environment, Junba Village relies on the water, there is little cultivated land, so there is no other way to survive except fishing, thus forming the only old and unique Tibetan fishing culture in the whole area.

Attraction Transportation:
We can take a shuttle bus from Lhasa to Quxu County, then transfer a local mini bus to Junba Village.
Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local custom in the village.
· 1 – 2 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.