Qunjue Ancient Weapons Museum in Lhasa

Qunjue Ancient Weapons Museum (拉萨群觉古代兵器博物馆) is located in Longda Village(龙达村), Jiama Town(甲玛乡) in Maizhokunggar County, Lahsa City , Tibet.

Qunjue Ancient Weapons Museum’s main construction area is 1500 square meters, divided into two floors, the first floor for the exhibition hall, the second floor for the office area. The museum is divided into seven exhibition areas: pottery, bronze ware, ethnic costumes, living utensils, religious culture, revolutionary cultural relics and weapons. 1613 pieces are complete and exhibited in a series.

This is the first folk museum in Tibet, which is of great significance to the protection and inheritance of traditional Tibetan culture and the promotion of the development of county tourism.