Salv Hot Spring in Ngamring County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 萨律温泉
English Name: Salv Hot Spring in Ngamring County, Shigatse
Location: 67 kilometers away from Ngamring County seat
Admission Fee: 200 RMB
Opening Hours: All Day
Traveling Hours: 1 day
Traveling Seasons: All seasons
About Salv Hot Spring
Located in Zhen Selv Village of Ngamring County, 67 kilometers away from county seat, 13 kilometers away from 219 National Highway. Covering an area of more than 90 square meters, the hot spring is rapid for strengthening the activity projects, which it’s invested with 210,000 RMB. There are 5 bath rooms with clean  water in good quality. According to the legend, Salv Hot Spring is an important spring in the bath of the Son of the former holy saint, such as the prince. After experienced the hot spring, the sage said the hot spring is much better than others. People who have been in the hot spring have learned that the hot spring only has a significant effect on fractures, arthritis, kidney, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, gynecology, skin and other diseases.
 Attraction Transportation:Salv Hot Spring is 67 kilometers away from Ngamring County seat, so visitors can take bus or choose self-driving from Ngamring County to Salv Hot Spring.
Attraction Tips: Please confirm the temperature of each hot spring and avoid scalding. To avoid chest tightness, thirst, dizziness and other symptoms, don’t enjoy hot springs for too long. Drink water as much as possible to replenish the lost water.