Sangpiling Monastery in Xiangcheng County, Garze

Sangpiling Monastery(乡城县噶丹桑披罗布岭寺/桑披岭寺) is located in Xiangcheng County, Garze of Sichuan.
Sangpiling Monastery or Gadang Sangpo Luobuling Monastery, commonly known as Sangpiling Temple, “Kadan” means the inheritance of the name of Kadan Temple in Tibet, first built by the ancestor of Gelug School, and also proves the historical origin of Sangpi Temple and Kadan Temple in Lhasa.”Sangpi” means to achieve success and prosperity, “Rob” means treasure and god, “Ling” is the temple, meaning “a prosperous treasure temple”.

Sangpi Monastery was established in the eighth year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1669), under the initiative of the Fifth Dalai Lama Lobsang Gyatso, the Mongolian military officer Jibu Kangzhu sent by the local eminent monk Ruo Benggongbenluo and the Fifth Dalai Lama in Karma It was built on the original site of Jupai Jiaxia Temple. It is one of the largest Yellow Sect temples in Eastern Tibet. It belongs to the thirteen temples built by the Gelug Sect in the Kham area together with the Changqingqingkeer Temple in Litang and the Gadan Songtsan Mountain in Zhongdian.