Maquan River in Zhongba County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 马泉河
English Name:
Maquan River in Zhongba County, Shigatse
Location: Located in Zhongba County, Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Maquan River

Located in  Zhongba County, Tibet Autonomous Region and known as the “Brahmaputra”, Maquan River flows through Zhongba Count. Maquan River is the source of the Yarlung Zangbo River, which it is not only useful for the development of Zhang Zhung civilization, but also the formation and development of the civilization of various periods in Tibet and all kinds of different areas.

Tourist Services of Maquan River

Cuisine and Snack: In Zhongba County, there are many delicacy snacks.

Accommodation: After you enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Maquan River, you may accommodate in the hotels if you can’t get back to Zhongba County in time.

Shopping: Zhongba was rich in natural forest resources, including economic plants and medicinal plants. As for the economic plants, there are many wild plantain and bananas

Attraction Transportation:

Zhongba County Transportation

You can choose either self-driving traveling or take public transportation. According to your beginning place, there may be different ways to go to Zhongba County. There are two main lines available below.

  • Lhasa- Shigatse- Zhongba County

You can reach Lhasa by air or train. Then take a bus to Zhongba County.

  • Shigatse- Zhongba County

You can also take a specific train to Shigatse and take a bus to Zhongba County.

Attraction Travel Tips:

  1. Traveling Hours: 1 day
  2. Traveling Seasons: June to September
  3. High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content.
  4. Pay attention to prepare some cold weather gear like a hat, gloves, a scarf and a thick winter coat.
  5. The Border Permit is required to enter the mountain; as it is less convenient to apply for one in Tibet, it is suggested to obtain the permit ahead of the travelling.