Shaluli Mountains in Garze and Liangshan, Sichuan

English Name: Shaluli Mountains in Garze and Liangshan, Sichuan
Chinese Name:四川沙鲁里山

The Shaluli Mountains (Chinese沙鲁里山pinyinShālǔlǐ Shān), known in Tibetan as Powor Gang, are a large mountain range in western China between the Upper Yangtze (Jinsha) and Yalong Rivers. It is one of the core ranges of the Hengduan group of mountains. The Shaluli Mountains stretch over 500km from Dege CountySichuan in the north to Shangri-La CountyYunnan in the south. The highest peak of the range is Ge’nyen Massif at 6,204 metres (20,354 ft) above sea level. Other subranges in the Shaluli Mountains include the Chola Mountains to the north, the Zhaga Mountains to the east, the Yading massif in the south, and Haba Snow Mountain at the southern edge of the range.

The Shaluli Mountains were historically part of the Kham region of Tibet and are now mostly administered as part of Garze Prefecture in modern-day Sichuan Province. Litang is the major population centre in this mountain region.

The major peaks of the range outside of the Chola Mountains include: