What Tibetan Jewelry to Buy in Tibet

Beautiful Tibetan accessories are born with the magic of the land. Natural stones, corals, animal bones, and silver are the main ingredients for Tibetan accessories. Small patterns, engraving and inlay, all skillfully form the design style of Tibetan accessories, and emit a strong flavor of primitive simplicity. All the accessories are made by hand, many of them are made by lamas in the temple, and each one is different. 

Tibetan Jewelry

Jewelry, like necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets, is always a good gift for female. Tibetan jewelry is distinctive. Tibetan artists who have great creativity in design always surprise us for presenting exquisite accessories. Besides the exotic design, the materials for Tibetan jewelry are very natural, including Tibetan silver(not pure sliver, 30% silver plus 70% brass, but now it is replaced by alloy of white brass and tin), Yak bone(yak has been esteemed for hundreds of years as a holy animal in Tibetans hearts), Dzi beads(heaven’s bead or heaven’s pearl), turquoise(the birthstone of December, representative of love, success and fortune) and organic gemstone(red coral rock, amber and pearl).

1. Variety

The varieties of Tibetan Jewelry include bracelet, ring, necklace, amulet, earring, copper kettle, handmade paper art, tea set, decorative lighting, Gorkha knife, tapestry, rug, display props, Thangka and so on. 

2. Tibetan Clothing

The common feature of Tibetan clothing in all regions is wide robes and long sleeves, and the main difference is in headdress. Tibetan headwear is extremely rich, each region has its own characteristics. Tibetan Headwears in Qinghai and Tibet are the most peculiar and gorgeous. Red corals, yellow jade, turquoise and various silver ornaments are Tibetan favorite ornaments.