Five-color Lake (Wusehai) of Yading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County, Garze

English Name: Wusehai Lake of Yading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County, Garze
Chinese Name:甘孜州稻城县五色海
This lake sits at 4,530 meters and takes about 20 minutes to reach from Milk Lake. The hired horses usually do not do the climb up to 5-Color Lake so you will probably have to hike this short portion. Sitting right at the base of the south face of Chenresig, 5-Color Lake is the most beautiful lake around the pilgrimage circuit and should be visited.

Five colors sea, Tibetan name: wood bottom cuo, located in the milk sea, between the fairy and Yang Mai yong. It is named after the five different colors produced in the sunlight.
The five-color sea is 4500 meters above sea level. After a steep slope on the right side of the milk sea, the lake is round and the lake is clear. Under the sunlight, it reflects the colorful light, which is very spectacular. The sacred lake in the minds of the local people is said to “invert history and predict the future”. The lake is praised as equal as the Yamdrok in Tibet.

How to Get there
Take a battery car to the cattle farm to hire a horse, the horse can arrive, the cattle cattle farm-five color sea, the cost of 300 yuan / person (round trip), about 2 hours one way.