Kham Tibet

Kham is one of the three traditional regions of Tibet. It is a historical region of Tibet covering a land area largely divided between present-day Tibet Autonomous Region(Qamdo) and Sichuan(Garze, Aba(part), Muli), with smaller portions located within Qinghai(Yushu)Gansu and Yunnan(Diqing) provinces of China. The natives of the Kham region are called Khampas. It includes a total of 50 counties of the Chinese provinces of Sichuan (16 counties), Yunnan (three counties), and Qinghai (six counties) as well as the eastern portion of the Tibet Autonomous Region (25 counties). Due to the special ethnic culture and unique geographical environment, Kham Tibetan ethnic festivals are rich and colorful such as Tibetan New Year, Horse-racing Festival, etc.