How to Solve the Unexpected Troubles in the Train to Tibet

No matter where you go and what you do, you may face some unexpected troubles, so will when you are travelling. Taking train is a popular way to Tibet, therefore, when hundreds of people live in a common space, troubles are inevitable. Knowing how to solve these unexpected troubles and make all passengers on the train have a pleasant journey matters a lot. 

Unexpected Troubles You Can Face

1. High Altitude Sickness

High altitude sickness, also called mountain sickness, is a problem that occurs when people travel from lower elevations to about 8,000 feet or more above sea level. The elevation of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau is higher than any other places. Your body may response to the high altitude change on the way to Tibet.

2. Oxygen Deficit

As the altitude increases, the air pressure decreases and the air density decreases. The oxygen content of per cubic meter in the air decreases gradually. At 3000 meters above sea level, oxygen content is about 73% of the sea level; At 4000 meters, it is about 62%-65.4%; And at 5000 meters, it is about 59%. When the altitude is more than 6000 meters, oxygen content is less than 52%. Qinghai-Tibet plateau is the highest place in the world with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters. Therefore, not merely people from plain area, but also those from relatively lower places than Tibet may feel oxygen deficit. 

3. Get the Argument with the Other Passengers

The train to Tibet is a convenient and workable for the tourists; Also it is safer than the bus. When hundreds of people are sharing a common space, the railway carriage is like a small society for the peoples who are on the train. There are some disputes must existed in the social, so maybe you will get some problems about the seat, like someone has taken your seat; And have argument with the passengers. Also the space on the train is busy and small; it is easy to get the water scald when getting the hot water. 

How to Solve These Unexpected Troubles

1. Personal Response to High Altitude Change

Sometimes, you may feel strange that even if you depart from Yunnan(average altitude of 1894 meters), Sichuan(average altitude of 1000-3000 meters), even Xining(average altitude of 2300 meters), you may also get some altitude reaction and feel oxygen deficit. As a matter of fact, this is normal thing. At that time, you should not be nervous, keep calm and ask the train attendant for help, there is oxygen supply device on Tibet trains. And the people who are with you can give you some helps to solve the altitude reaction. Besides, there are enough doctor and medical device for the patients, you will get the well treat and recover the health, and then you will have fun in the Tibet.

2. Get Along with the Passengers

When you find that someone has taken your seat, you should be gentle and sober, do not take the terrible disputes with the others. As long as the seat is yours, just show your ticket and ask him or her to return the seat back to you. Remember to be a polite man. If he or she does not pay attention to you, or refuse to return it to you, you can ask the trainman for help and solve the trouble. If it still doesn’t work, there are railway policemen on the train, you can ask them for help.

The instance noodles is the most convenient and fast food on the train, and all of the tourists like it very much, but it is danger when it get the hot water. You may get the water scald, since the train is busy and small. At that time, you must be calm and get the cold water and ask the trainman for help, and then get some medical for that. Don’t lose your temper, the person who hurt you may not mean it. 

3. Keep A Good Mood

When we meet the problem on a journey, just keep down and solve it. Do not forget why you come to the travel, do not let the trouble influence your beautiful mood. You will have the charming scene on the train, and get the different experience; also you can make the new friend and chat with them happily. These unexpected troubles are just a few small episodes, which make you a more unforgettable journey. Keep a good mood can help you relieve the altitude sickness, and solve the unexpected troubles positively.