Luggage Allowance For Traveling to Tibet

Traveling to Tibet is very different from traveling to other parts of China. We usually carry a lot of luggage with us, but at the same time we should pay attention to the  regulations of baggage such as what to carry, what is not allowed to carry, how much to carry and so on. So this part of Luggage Allowance For Traveling to Tibet is worth your attention. The following guideline will help you know the various rules to be followed when taking the train or flight to Tibet.

Luggage Allowance When Taking Flights to Tibet

All the luggage of passengers must go through the security checks. According to the regulations of Civil Aviation Administration of China, passengers can take and consign a certain size and weight of luggage for free when taking flights to Tibet. The free baggage allowance for each passenger varies according to the class of flight ticket. It is 20 kg for economy class passengers, 30 kg for business class passengers and 40 kg for first class passengers. No free allowance for infant ticket passengers. The volume is within 40×60×100 cm for every passenger, otherwise you will be extra charged  for overweight. If overweighted, it will be charged for the overweight part according to the overweight baggage rate of 1.5% of the economy class fares for per kilogram. 

Luggage Type First Class Business Class Economy Class Allowed Baggage Size
Allowed Carry-on Baggage 5kg * 2 pieces 5kg 5kg 55cm/20cm/40cm(L/B/H)
Allowed Checked Baggage 40kg 30kg 20kg 100cm/60cm/40cm(L/B/H)

Checked Luggage

Big suitcase luggage or uncarry-on luggage should to be checked in before boarding. We suggest you bringing one large suitcase and group travelers can share the baggage allowance. Important files and documents, Tibet travel permits, precious belongings, jewelry and valuables, cash and securities, digital electronic products and lithium batteries, flammable and explosive materials, and other fragile and perishable items must not be transported in the checked luggage.

Hand Baggage

Each passenger can take one piece of baggage in certain volume and weight for free on the plane to Tibet. Personal lithium battery electronics, including laptop, cameras, mobile phones, and power bank (portable power source) which can not be transported in the checked luggage, only allowed to be carried with passengers. Each passenger can only take two backup lithium batteries onboard. During the entire flight, the power bank with lithium battery should be shut down all the time. No charging for your electronic equipment neither. 

Each passenger can take one piece of luggage with hand weighed no more than 5kg and within the volume of 20×40×55cm for free. Two pieces of 5kg luggage are allowed to taken by first class passengers.

Prohibited Items for Carry-on and Consignment

According to the PRC Civil Aviation Law and relevant national and international regulations, the following items are prohibited from being carried or placed in checked luggage:

1. Gun (including various simulated toy gun, micro launchers and all types of assault weapons);
2. Explosive materials, gas, flammable liquid and solid, oxidizing agent and organic peroxides;
3. Toxic and infectious, radioactive, corrosive substances;
4. Lithium battery (power bank) ;
5. Weapons, police implements, controlled knives;
6. Living animal except small animal, guide dog or hearing dog;
7. Any other restricted articles.

Once detected, passengers would be transferred to the Public Security Bureau for further investigation.

Limited Liquids for Carry-on

Usually the liquids or gels for carry-on are within a certain amount, or these items can only be discarded. So putting it in the checked luggage is a better choice, such as liquid drinks, toiletries and cosmetics, toiletries and cosmetics, drugs, aerosol, etc. 

The above information are the general rules prescribed by Civil Aviation Administration of China. Different airlines may have slightly different baggage allowances. Check the detailed provisions on the official websites of airlines when plan a fight to Tibet.

Luggage Allowance When Taking Trains to Tibet

Different from airlines, there is no luggage checked service provided by Tibet Train. So you have to take all your luggage by yourself and put it under the lower berth or on the luggage shelf placed at the top. According to the China Rail Safety Management Regulations, passengers can take a contain size and weight of luggage for free when taking a train to Tibet. In fact, there is no officer in the railway station measuring the size and weight of your luggage. Almost all your luggage can be bring with you to the train as long as you luggage is not extremely large. 

Luggage Allowance

Ordinary Passengers: 20kg
Diplomats: 35kg
Children under 1.6m and of 16 years of age: 10kg
Size: Within 160cm(the total of length, breadth and height); within 200cm(in rod shape) 

If overweighted, it will be charged 1.6 CNY/per kg. And transportation means for disabled like folding wheelchairs etc. are not counted in the luggage allowance. 

Prohibited Items

Objects forbidden by the nation or confined to transit; 
Dangerous goods defined by the law, regulation or rules, ammunition or unidentifiable chemicals;
Animals or any objects impeding public health including extremely odorous objects;
Objects able to destroy or contaminate the train;
The norm or weight beyond item 51 of this regulation.

Limited Items

Following items can be brought to the train but in limited quantities. 

1. Less than 5 gas lighters;
2. Less than 5 gas lighters;
3. Nail polish, delustering agents, hair dye are no more than 20 ml;
4. Alcohol, perm lotion, are no more than 100 milliliters;
5. Mousse, hair gel, pesticides, air fresheners are no more than 600 ml. 
6. Less than 20 newborn poultries.

Baggage Transportation

If you take too many baggage, you can use the Consignment Service on the train. Each luggage shouldn’t weight exceeding 50kg and the fare is charged by distance(16 CNY/per kg). Passengers can choose to transport checked baggage in the same train they are traveling on or it may be transported in advance. Currency, securities, cultural relics, jewelry, important documents and other valuables are not available for consignment. 

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