Lhasa to Ngari Transportation

This article introduces the transportation between Ngari and Lhasa. Ngari Prefecture ,also known as Ali Prefecture, is a prefecture of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. Its capital is Gar County. Its administrative centre is the town of Burang Town. The largest settlement is Shiquanhe. Ngari Prefecture includes part of the Aksai Chin area, a disputed region claimed by India but over which China exercises administrative control.

How to Get to Ngari from Lhasa?

By Bus

The are a few bus departing from Lhasa Beijiao Bus Station on 17:00. But it only departs every other day. It costs about CNY 651-751.

By Private Car Rental

You can chose to get there by private car rental. The whole distance is about 1250km. It has a long way to go. You might spend 30 hours and 40 minutes for driving.

By Flight

At present, there are two flights flying to and from Lhasa and Nagri operated by Tibet Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines, all departing and arriving at the same time. It takes about 2h25m from Lhasa to Nagri and 1h55m from Nagri to Lhasa. Below are the detailed information.

Lhasa to Ngari Flight Schedule

Flight Number Airlines Departs Arrives Duration
TV6008 Tibet Airlines 07:40 10:05 2h25m
ZH3930 Shenzhen Airlines 07:40 10:05 2h25m

Ngari to Lhasa Flight Schedule

Flight Number Airlines Departs Arrives Duration
TV6007 Tibet Airlines 11:00
ZH3929 Shenzhen Airlines 11:00 12:55 1h30m


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