Ngari Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Ngari transportation by long-distance bus is another choice for you besides the flights to Ngari. Highway transport is the main transport in Ngari. There are four roads leading to Ngari: Xinjiang-Tibet Highway, northern road, southern road and the Amdo-Shiquanhe road. If tourists would like to get to Ngari by long-distance bus, there are two roads head to Ngari from Lhasa: Northern Road(1,760km), Southern Road(1,190km). And it’s the most economical and common way for tourists to get into Ngari.

  • Southern Road
    Most of tourists choose to get into Ngari by the south route, which can appreciate magnificent and wonderful landscape on the way. The south route wriggles between Mount Himalaya and Gangdise, passes ShigatseLhatse and then arrived at Lake Manasarovar. After that, it goes south to Burang County and turns northwest to Mount Kailash. Finally, the bus arrives at Shiquanhe Town.
  • Northern Road
    The towns that the north route will pass are busier than that of south route so that commercial visitors may prefer the north route. The bus will pass the place above 6,000 meters and tourists can see groups of wild ass and Tibetan antelope.

Major Ngari Bus Stations

There are two bus stations in Ngari offering long-distance buses to Lhasa. Ngari Bus Station and Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. Bus Station operated by Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. The two bus stations are both located in Shiquanhe Town, government seat of Ngari.

  • Ngari Bus Station 阿里客运站
    Address: No. 5, Shikun Road, Shiquanhe Town of Gar County 葛尔县狮泉河镇狮昆路5号
  • Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. Bus Station 藏羚羊旅运公司客运站
    Address: Opposite the Crossing of Post Office in Shiquanhe Town 狮泉河邮政局十字路口对面

Ngari Long-distance Bus Schedule

Ngari Bus Station

Bus schedules from Ngari Bus Station to Lhasa are not regular ones, you should check it in advance. The bus routes operated by Ngari Bus Station are stated as follows:

Bus Route Fare(CNY)
Shiquanhe Town – Lhasa 750
Gê’gyai County(革吉县) – Lhasa  700
 Gêrzê County(改则县) – Lhasa  550
Coqên County(措勤县) – Lhasa  450

Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. Bus Station

For the buses to Lhasa operated by Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. Bus Station, the departure time is not fixed. During the peak season, the it runs one schedule every two days. The journey is about 2 nights and 3 days. The fare is between 650 and 750 yuan, with the front seat costing 750 yuan, middle seat at 700 yuan and the back seat at 650 yuan. The journey is long and bumpy. It is better to take the front part of the bus.

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