Nyingchi Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Long-distance bus plays an important role in Nyingchi Transportation, which is most convenient transportation method to the nearby areas surrounding Nyingchi. The most acceptable route is to take a long-distance bus from Lhasa along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, via Gongbo’gyamda County into Bayi Town. This section of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which is frequently affected by landslides, is actually exceptionally safe and features exhilarating of the picturesque Niyang River and snow-capped mountains along the route. Direct long-distance buses to Bayi Town and Bome County of the Nyingchi region can also be taken from Chengdu, the journey taking approximately three days. However, for people who love adventures, there are two other routes to Nyingchi, which are more dangerous with natural obstacles and yet irresistibly attractive with breathtaking scenery along the route. 

  • Yunnan-Tibet HighwayKunmingDaliDeqin County(Yunnan)-Markam County(Qamdo)-Bomê County(Nyingchi)-Bayi, in total about 1,907km (1,185 miles). 
    Transportation: No direct long-distance buses are available. One can rent a 4WD or jeep or transfer along the route.
    Features: Visitors can experience a combination of breathtaking natural scenery and the colorful culture of minorities such as Yi, Bai and Naxi. However, frequent mud avalanches and landslides may disrupt schedules.
  • Sichuan-Tibet Highway(South): Chengdu-Litang (Sichuan)-Markham (Qamdo)-Bamda (Qamdo)-Bome (Nyingchi)-Bayi, in total about 1,739km (1,081 miles). 
    Transportation:  No direct long-distance buses are available. One can rent a 4WD or jeep or transfer along the route.
    Features: Visitors can enjoy the most beautiful as well as the most dangerous route. Rain, landslides, mud avalanches as well as poor road conditions are the main hazards. 

Major Nyingchi Bus Stations

There are two bus stations in Nyingchi offering long-distance buses to Lhasa and other places, namely, Nyingchi Bus Station, Mainling County Bus Station.

  • Nyingchi Bus Station(林芝客运站)
    Add: No. 359 Guangdong Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi City(林芝市巴宜区广东路359)
    Tel: (0894)5824714
    Altitude: 3,000 meters above sea level
    Working hours: 06:30 am-18:30 pm
  • Mainling County Bus Station(米林县客运站)
    Add: Mainling County, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市米林县)

Nyingchi Long-distance Bus Schedule

From To Distance(Km) Price(Yuan)
Nyingchi Bus Station Nang County 240 85
Nyingchi Bus Station Mainling County 70 35
Nyingchi Bus Station Lilong Township 120 50
Nyingchi Bus Station Wolong Town 140 55
Nyingchi Bus Station Jiage(甲格) 170 65
Nyingchi Bus Station Dongga Town 220 75

Long-distance buses to Lhasa and counties such as Bome, Mainling and Nang County can be taken at Nyingchi Bus Station, which is located on Guangdong Road. Minibuses for short-distance travels to Nyingchi City can be found near the Food Bureau, for CNY 5 per person. It is also the place where individually-run coaches in the direction of Bome. A jeep journey from Bayi to Bome costs around CNY 100 per person. 
Note: The above prices are only for reference.

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