Tibet Mount Kailash Travel Weather and Climate in November

Tibet Mount Kailash Travel Weather and Climate in November

When you go to Mount Kailash in November. The average minimum temperature in November in Mount Kailash (usually at night) is 17 degrees below zero (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The average maximum temperature in November in Mount Kailash is 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of the high terrain, the wind here is very strong and the temperature difference between morning and evening is especially large.

Historical Tibet Mount Kailash Average Daily Temperatures in November

Number of days Average High  Average Low 
1 10°C /50.0℉ -7℃ /19.4℉
2 9°C /48.2℉ -7℃ /19.4℉
3 9°C /48.2℉ -7℃ /19.4℉
4 5°C /41.0℉ -9℃ /15.8℉
5 2°C /56°F -15℃ /5.0℉
6 2°C /56°F -15℃ /5.0℉
7 3°C /56°F -14℃ /6.8℉
8 7°C /44.6℉ -12℃ /34°F
9 7°C /44.6℉ -8℃ /17.6℉
10 6°C /42.8℉ -9℃ /15.8℉
11 5°C /41.0℉ -10℃ /14.0℉
12 5°C /41.0℉ -9℃ /15.8℉
13 3°C /37.4℉ -10℃ /14.0℉
14 2°C /35.6℉ -12℃ /10.4℉
15 2°C /35.6℉ -12℃ /10.4℉
16 2°C /35.6℉ -12℃ /10.4℉
17 4°C /39.2℉ -14℃ /6.8℉
18 5°C /41.0℉ -11℃ /34°F
19 3°C /37.4℉ -14℃ /6.8℉
20 3°C /37.4℉ -14℃ /6.8℉
21 4°C /39.2℉ -15℃/5.0℉
22 4°C /39.2℉ -13℃ /8.6℉
23 6°C /42.8℉ -12℃ /10.4℉
24 6°C /42.8℉ -15℃ /5.0℉
25 9°C /48.2℉ -13℃ /8.6℉
26 9°C /48.2℉ -11℃ /34°F
27 8°C /46.4℉ -12℃ /10.4℉
28 8°C /46.4℉ -9℃ /15.8℉
29 3°C /37.4℉ -14℃ /6.8℉
30 2°C /35.6℉ -17℃ /1.4℉

What to Wear for a November Mount Kailash Travel

Mount Kailash is a mountainous area, so the temperature here is normally lower than town. Besides, it’s windy in the scenic spot, and there is a large temperature different between day and night, so travelers need to prepare some warm clothes. Another thing need to be noticed is that the UV is strong here, so remember to bring sunglasses, hat and sunblock with you to protect from sunburns.

Useful Travel Tips for your Mount Kailash Travel in November

  • Since this spot is a high land, so the wind is very strong here, especially in the morning, please take some warm clothes with you.
  • The sunrise time will change according to different seasons. Please check the actual sunrise time with the local people.
  • If possible, bring wide angle lens, ultra wide angle lens, polarizer and tripod to help to shoot better photos.

What can you do in Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is recognized as a sacred mountain in the world and is also recognized as the center of the world by China’s Tibetan Bonism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and ancient Jainism. Mount Kailash is one of the ten most beautiful and shocking mountains in China.

In addition to appreciating its magnificent appearance, the main purpose of visiting Mount Kailash is to pilgrimage mountain. 

Generally, good-strength mountaineers and local Tibetans can complete the pilgrimage mountain in one day, while ordinary-strength travelers can use two days. The road on the first day is relatively smooth. It takes about 5 hours from Taqin to reach the Zhire Monastery, which is about 5100 meters above sea level. Attention should be paid to prevent the occurrence of altitude reaction. The road from Zhilepu Temple to the highest point in the whole journey, about 5,630 meters,  is the hardest part of the mountain turn starting the next day. This section of road is about 5 kilometers long, mainly rocky road, with a slope of nearly 60 degrees and a steep rise of more than 500 meters above sea level. Attention should be paid to adjusting the rhythm. On the way, you will pass an ancient celestial burial platform surrounded by various prayer flags and Tibetan belongings. Ancient religious beliefs led Tibetans to believe that discarding personal belongings symbolizes a rebirth of the body, and more devout believers may choose to leave a drop of blood or a wisp of hair.

Mount Kailash Weather and Climate by Month

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