The Best Time to Visit Shannan

The Best Time to Visit Shannan

Shannan Prefecture is located in the river valley of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, with a long winter without summer, no cold winter. Generally speaking, Shannan is suitable for visiting all year round. However, The best time to visit Shannan is from June to August. The highest temperature is about 20℃. To visit the low altitude landmarks such as Samye Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, and Yumgbulakang Palace, you can plan your trip in winter months too.

Shannan Climate and Weather

   ●  Spring:  Shannan spring’s average temperature is 7 ~ 15 ℃. The feature of the temperature distribution is lower from north and east to south and west areas. The spring climate is characterized by cold and rainy, and it often occurs wild wind and heavy snow in south Shannan.

   ●  Summer: At height of summer, the whole region’s average temperature is 15 ~ 20 ℃ in summer, Shannan’s climate is prone to being fine, hot and dry, resulting in the phenomenon of drought. Shannan summer climate is characterized by high temperatures, the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation, short-term and more intense precipitation, light intensity, dry air and frequent meteorological disasters.

   ● Autumn: The average temperature in autumn is between 8℃ and 16℃. In the early autumn, Shannan is prone to the rhythm of the rainy weather. During Mid-autumn, it is prone to clear and sunny. In late autumn, the whole region experiences increased coldness, a mix of cold and warm, sunny and rainy weather, conversing frequently.

   ● Winter:The feature of the climate is sunny, cold and dry, air dry. The whole region’s average temperature is -3 ~ 12 ℃ in winter, and the temperature distribution decreasing from south to north, from east to west. Months from December to March are the windiest months as compared to others.

Useful Travel Tips for your Shannan Travel

Shannan is a high altitude region so pack your warm clothes as well as altitude sickness medicine, so in case of altitude sickness, you already have medicine to overcome this serious issue. Plan your trip to Shannan wisely and avoid planning it in the Chinese domestic holidays because it is unbelievably overcrowded these days. The most crowded Chinese seasons are the Chinese Spring Festival, International Labor Day and National Day.

Shannan Weather and Climate by Month

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