Air China in Tibet

Air China Limited is the flag carrier and one of the major airlines in China, with its headquarters in Shunyi District, Beijing. Air China’s flight operations are based at Beijing Capital International Airport. In 2017, the airline carried 102 million domestic and international passengers with an average load factor of 81%.

About Air China

Air China Limited, Air China for short, the largest state-owned airline in mainland China, is also the only flag carrier civil airline in China. The company is headquartered in Beijing and is based at Beijing Capital International Airport. Its predecessor, Air China, was established in 1988. In October 2002, Air China, in conjunction with China National Aviation Corporation and China Southwest Airlines, established the China National Aviation Holding Company. And based on the air transport resources of the three parties, a new Air China was established. China National Aviation Holding Company, together with China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. and China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., is known as China’s three major aviation groups. Business operations include air passenger transport, air cargo and logistics two core industries.

The total business turnover of Air China in 2017 was 121.363 billion yuan, with a net profit of 7.24 billion yuan for the whole year.On January 19, 2018, the three major airlines of China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines announced that they could use PED equipment on the aircraft one after another. After that, Air China announced that it will be able to use mobile phone on Air China aircraft from 00:00 on January 21. So far, the four major domestic airlines have opened the use of aircraft PED equipment permission.

Main Business

Air China is mainly engaged in international, domestic and occasional air passenger, cargo, mail and baggage transport; domestic, international official flight business; aircraft management business, aircraft maintenance; airline inter-company agency business; Ground services and air couriers (other than letters and articles of a letter nature) related to the main business; duty-free goods on board, etc. The main airlines hubs of Air China are Beijing Capital International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. In addition, Air China has branches in GuangzhouHangzhou and Chongqing.


Air China has opened more than 200 domestic and international routes, more than 80 domestic and 40 international and regional navigation cities, mainly Eurasian and North American routes, as well as Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil and other countries in the southern hemisphere.

Note: Air China is the only airline other than Korean Airlines that can operate at North Korea’s Pyongyang Sunan International Airport (flight numbers CA121/122, are restricted to Monday and Friday, and only use B-5043-5045, most commonly B-5044). That is, Air China is the only foreign airline that can operate regularly within the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea, but the flights were suspended between November 22, 2017 and June 5, 2018, due to passenger traffic and China’s compliance with UN sanctions against North Korea.

Air China Flights to and fro Tibet

Flight No. Airlines Departs-Arrives Duration
CA4112(Every Day) Air China(CA) 08:20(Beijing)-15:15(Lhasa) 6h55m(Stop over in Chengdu)
CA3922(Every Day) Air China(CA) 14:50(Beijing)-19:30(Lhasa) 4h40m
CA3921(Every Day) Air China(CA) 09:45(Lhasa)-13:35(Beijing) 3h50m
CA4111(On Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sunday) Air China(CA) 16:15(Lhasa)-22:10(Beijing) 5h55m
CA4111(On Mon and Fri) Air China(CA) 16:15(Lhasa)-22:15(Beijing) 6h
CA3990(Every Day) Air China(CA) 06:00(Xi’an)-09:00(Lhasa) 3h
CA3989(Every Day) Air China(CA) 12:20(Lhasa)-14:55(Xi’an) 2h35m
CA4403(Every Day) Air China(CA) 06:15(Chengdu)-08:45(Lhasa) 2h30m
CA4401(Every Day) Air China(CA) 07:25(Chengdu)-10:00(Lhasa) 2h35m
CA4112(Every Day) Air China(CA) 12:40(Chengdu)-15:15(Lhasa) 2h35m
CA3966(Every Day) Air China(CA) 22:10(Chengdu)-00:35(Lhasa) 2h25m
CA3911(Except Thursday) Air China(CA) 06:00(Chengdu)-08:35(Lhasa) 2h35m
CA3943(On Mon, Wed, Fri, Sunday) Air China(CA) 07:10(Chengdu)-09:50(Lhasa) 2h40m
CA3952(Except Wednesday) Air China(CA) 20:45(Chengdu)-23:20(Lhasa) 2h35m
CA3933(Every Day) Air China(CA) 13:25(Chengdu)-15:50(Lhasa) 2h25m
CA4112(Every Day) Air China(CA) 08:20(Chengdu)-11:20(Lhasa) 3h
CA4419(Every Day) Air China(CA) 10:05(Lhasa)-12:30(Chongqing) 2h25m
CA3965(Every Day)  Air China(CA) 07:15(Lhasa)-09:15(Chengdu) 2h
CA3951(Except Thursday) Air China(CA) 09:40(Lhasa)-11:35(Chengdu) 1h55m
CA3912(Every Day) Air China(CA) 10:05(Lhasa)-12:00(Chengdu) 1h55m
CA4402(Every Day) Air China(CA) 11:05(Lhasa)-13:05(Chengdu) 2h
CA3934(Every Day) Air China(CA) 12:30(Lhasa)-16:25(Chengdu) 3h55m
CA4442(On Mon and Fri) Air China(CA) 15:50(Lhasa)-18:00(Chengdu) 2h10m
CA4111(Every Day) Air China(CA) 16:15(Lhasa)-18:15(Chengdu) 2h
CA3944(Every Day) Air China(CA) 22:10(Lhasa)-00:10(Chengdu) 2h
CA4420(Every Day) Air China(CA) 13:45(Chongqing)-16:45(Lhasa) 3h
CA3939(Every Day) Air China(CA) 08:05(Lhasa)-09:25(Qamdo) 1h20m
CA3940(Every Day) Air China(CA) 10:10(Qamdo)-11:40(Lhasa) 1h30m
CA3937(On Tue, Thu, Sat) Air China(CA) 07:10(Chengdu)-09:50(Shigatse) 2h40m
CA3938(On Tue, Thu, Sat) Air China(CA) 10:30(Shigatse)-12:40(Chengdu) 2h10m