Jomda County Attractions

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Aila Mountain(埃拉山): Located in the Jomda County of Tibet, Aila Mountain is rolled over from Sichuan Province to Jomda County of Tibet with an altitude of more than 4,200 meters above sea level.

Ziga Grassland(字嘎大草原): Located in the northwest of Jomda County about 65 kilometers away, the grassland area reaches 2.05 million mu with endless prairies, blue sky and white clouds, green grass and wild flowers, typical highland pastures in summer and autumn. There's a famous Horse Racing Festival in 15th July each year which the herdsman will dress in colorful clothes and take yogurt, ride a horse poured on the pitch from all directions for celebrating the festival.

Xuebagou Valley(雪巴沟风景区):  Located in the Jomda County of Qamdo City, 10 km away from Jomda County, there is a cliff in Xuebagou Valley praised as "Small Aden". where beautiful scenery, green grassland, natural landscapes could be found. 

Gangtuo Town(岗托村): (The First Tibetan Culture Village).After the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the area along the west bank of Jinsha river was under the jurisdiction of the Tibet Autonomous Region which was built to the township in 1988.

Shengqin Langzha Mountain(生钦朗扎神山): Located in the Gangtuo Town of Jomda County, Tibet, 100 km away from county seat, it is one of the 25 Buddhist sacred mountains in the Kang District which is the top of the 25 sacred mountains.

Langrao Mountain(郎绕神山): It is one of the 25 Buddhist sacred mountains in the Kang District with a history of 378 years.

Jirong Valley(吉荣峡谷风景区): Jirong Valley is an auspicious place for the local people. It's said that Manjusri Bodhisattva had used the sword for this medallion of wisdom and made a sound of flowing water for praying.

Guopu Baizong Mountain(果普白宗神山); It is a famous religious pilgrimage site in the Kang District which the village, grassland, forest and snow mountain are integrated in the ecotourism area. It's said that the white mountain looks like a human heart, which is said to be the heart of Tibet's three sacred mountains.

Wara Monastery(瓦拉修道院): It is one of the main monasteries of  Jomda County of Qamdo Prefecture. It is famous for the peacock (auspicious bird in Tibetan culture) spreading its tail. Wara Monastery boasts a long history, which is a giant landmark as the first  Tibetan Buddhist temple when tourists or traders entering Tibet through  Sichuan Province.