Mount Everest Administrative Divisions

Mount Everest is located in Tingri County of Shigatse, Tibet, on the boundary of China and Nepal. Qomolangma National Nature Preserve spans four counties in Shigatse city of Tibet, namely Tingri, Dinggye, Nyalam, and Gyirong. But the core part is in Tingri County. Therefore, Mount Everest Administrative Divisions involve Tingri, Dinggye, Nyalam, and Gyirong four counties. 

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Tingri County(定日县) 13859 62,000(in 2013) Shelkar Town(协格尔镇) Shelkar Town(协格尔镇), Gangga Town(岗嘎镇), Qutang Township(曲当乡), Tashi Dzom Township(扎西宗乡), Kaimar Township(克玛乡), Ronxar Township(绒辖乡), Cogo Township(措果乡), Qulho Township(曲洛乡), Chamco Township(长所乡), Nyixar Township(尼辖乡), Zagor Township(扎果乡), Pain’gyi Township(盆吉乡), Gyaco Township(加措乡)
Dinggye County(定结县) 5461 16,000(in 2013) Gyangkar Town(江嘎镇) Gyangkar Town(江嘎镇), Ri’og Town(日屋镇), Chentang Town(陈塘镇), Gojag Township(郭加乡), Sar Township(萨尔乡), Kyungzê Township(琼孜乡), Dinggyê Township(定结乡), Qab Township(确布乡), Dozhag Township(多布扎乡) ,Tashi Nang Township(扎西岗乡)
Nyalam County(聂拉木县) 7699 15000(in 2005) Nyalam Town(聂拉木镇) Nyalam Town(聂拉木镇), Dram Town(樟木镇), Yarlêb Township(亚来乡), Zurco Township(琐作乡), Nailung Township(乃龙乡), Mainpu Township(门布乡), Borong Township(波绒乡)
Gyirong County(吉隆县) 9300 10,000(in 2003) Zongga Town(宗嘎镇) Zongga Town(宗嘎镇), Gyirong Town(吉隆镇), Zhêba Township(折巴乡), Kungtang Township(贡当乡), Chagna Township(差那乡)

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