List of Major Power Stations in the Tibet Autonomous Region


Coal, Gas and Fuel oil Based

Station Name in Chinese Coordinates Capacity (MW) Operational Units and (type) Under Construction Units Planned Units Decommissioned Units(Year) Reference
Dongga Power Station 东嘎电厂 29°39′17″N90°57′30″E 283.7 1*180MW(gas), 9*11.52MW(fuel),        




Station Name in Chinese Coordinates River Total Capacity (MW) Dam Height (meters) Status Units
Ngari Hydro Power Station[1] 阿里水电站 32°31′26″N80°09′20″E Sengge River 0.8   Operational 2 x 0.4MW
Pangduo Hydro Power Station[2] 旁多水电站 30°10′46″N91°20′59″E Lhasa River 160   Operational 4 x 40 MW
Zhikong Hydro Power Station 直孔水电站 29°58′02″N91°52′33″E Lhasa River 100 47 Operational 4 x 25MW
Bayu Hydro Power Station 巴玉水电站 29°13′33″N92°19′22″E Yarlung Tsangpo River     Proposed  
Dagu Hydro Power Station 大古水电站 29°14′41″N92°23′50″E Yarlung Tsangpo River     Under construction  
Jiexu Hydro Power Station 街需水电站 29°15′08″N92°26′29″E Yarlung Tsangpo River 560   Under construction 4 x 140MW
Zangmu Hydro Power Station 藏木水电站 29°11′05″N92°31′02″E Yarlung Tsangpo River 540 116 Operational 6 x 85MW
Jiacha Hydro Power Station 加查水电站 29°08′23″N92°32′48″E Yarlung Tsangpo River 360 83 Under construction 3 x 120MW
Lengda Hydro Power Station 冷达水电站 29°07′22″N92°39′26″E Yarlung Tsangpo River     Proposed  
Zhongda Hydro Power Station 仲达水电站 29°03′44″N92°48′48″E Yarlung Tsangpo River     Proposed  
Langzhen Hydro Power Station 朗镇水电站 29°02′36″N93°03′24″E Yarlung Tsangpo River     Proposed  
Changbo Hydro Power Station 昌波水电站   Jinsha 1060 58 Proposed    
Suwalong Hydro Power Station 苏洼龙水电站   Jinsha 1340   In prep    
Batang Hydro Power Station 巴塘水电站   Jinsha 2500   Proposed    
Lawa Hydro Power Station 拉哇水电站 30°05′14″N099°02′26″E Jinsha 1680   In prep    
Yebatan Hydro Power Station 叶巴滩水电站   Jinsha 2080 230 Proposed    
Boluo Hydro Power Station 波罗水电站   Jinsha 960   Proposed    
Yanbi Hydro Power Station 岩比水电站   Jinsha 300   Proposed    
Gangtuo Hydro Power Station 岗托水电站   Jinsha 1100   Proposed    


Station Name in Chinese Coordinates River Total Capacity (MW) Dam Height (meters) Status Units
Yamdrok Hydropower Station   Inlet 29°11′11″N 90°35′47″E,Outlet 29°15′51″N 90°36′24″E Yamdrok Lake 112.5   Operational 5 x 22.5MW